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Marlborough, Mass. and BARCELONA, SPAIN – (RECEIVED Telegraph) – 15/02/2010 Company Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) today announced a new version of mobile browser BOLT (TM), which is now available and the user interface in Russian. BOLT 1.7 supports the Russian language, the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia, the most widespread of the Slavic languages and native language for the greatest number of people in Europe. In addition, the improved performance video streaming and support for widgets to mobile browser free.

Since June last year, BOLT mobile browser plays the Cyrillic fonts on the web, but now users can also make Russian the default language for the user interface. With new features and enhancements using quick as lightning, uncompromising browser for phones of all types BOLT become even better and easier for users to BOLT around the world. By the first anniversary BOLT number of users of the mobile browser has exceeded 4 million, watched over 135 million minutes of streaming video (equivalent to 256 years), open more than 512 million pages (about 3 million page views per day) and downloaded more than 132 terabytes of data. BOLT is the only mobile browser for all types of mobile phones that support streaming video from multiple sites, such as RuTube, YouTube, Yahoo, Google, MySpace and many others. Now users can view videos featured on CNN and ESPN, as well as embedded YouTube videos on any website. BOLT perfectly reproduces Web pages as they appear in the desktop browser, outperforming competing mobile browsers and entering the magnificent 100 percent on the test Web Standards Project Acid3. .


Climates of the globe by air temperature (annual average and the July isotherms) can be divided into four climatic zones. Climates of snow and forests occupy 65% of the entire Russian territory. The climate of the taiga – Continental. The temperature of the coldest month to -38, the average temperature of the four summer months, higher than +10 . Winters are harsh, usually cloudless, accompanied by a clear, calm weather conditions and, accordingly, no fever. Summers are warm and sufficiently moist.

Continental character of climate deciduous temperate forests are not so clearly defined, as the climate of the taiga. Fluctuations in temperature is less. Winters are not as severe, but they differ a powerful snow cover. Summer long enough, and the precipitation. A common feature of the climate of coniferous and deciduous forests is the cool air with high relative humidity, with a slight motion of his. It is clean, well an opportunity to clean the pads on the equipment for cleaning pads.

Forest and resorts (especially in the dry pine forest) are an excellent place for treatment and recuperation. Dry climates. Steppe climate – the climate is continental with low precipitation. Desert climate characterized by extreme lack of rainfall, sparse vegetation and shifting sands. Dry steppe and desert climates differ large fluctuations in temperature, dry air and high winds, bringing a lot of dust. In the hottest hours of the day physical work is hard and exhausting. TB patients on a climate effect unfavorable. To combat the negative qualities of dry climates, extensive activities on irrigation and irrigation of large areas, winds blowing from the continents.

Observe The Thoughts

We know that it is essential to respond to the thoughts to understand the psychological causes and emotional that we can affect to recover both physical and mental health. It is essential in these moments very deeply satisfy our thoughts and feelings because due to so much information that we receive by the different means of communication is sometimes difficult to recognize what our true thoughts. It is both mental noise that sometimes accumulate, that our ideas accumulate and is difficult to discern between what is beneficial and what is not appropriate for every person. This should make a real effort to observe our thoughts and begin to choose from all the options that we come well. Many times not easy because find us: the pace that we carry is so fast that doesn’t allow us to stop. Sometimes the amount of thoughts that go through our head are so many that we can’t have clarity of thoughts and there as a general numbness also often head plays us tricks are attracting a thoughts that It is generally not very gratifying and makes us fall into uncertainty.

When these negative thoughts repeated over and over again they become OBSESSIONS. The obsessions have the peculiarity of making us think that everything our around happens as we we’re thinking, with which increasingly seems harder to leave that State and the obsession tends to perpetuate itself. When a person falls in this State suffer symptoms of: power not stop thinking on the subject that concerned them. Overloading your emotional level. They have sudden changes in temperament. His life seems unstable, or empty or meaningless (as if they did not have a fixed course, change their minds very often and don’t know is due). Fall in depression and anxiety.

They are very concerned of the past or the future. They generally have deep unresolved emotional shortcomings. These people may suffer from physical problems such as: cholesterol kidney problems. Obesity Diabetes problems. Fortunately we can leave these States learning to observe our thoughts and be able to discern between those that are beneficial to us and those who are not. It should make a good exercise of will, care and patience to make this reflection about ourselves. Also is good to find an appropriate system such as the neuro-linguistic programming and flower essences that help resolve psychological conflicts and integrate what we think and feel. Develop your emotions and find a balance between what we give and what we get in life. Life is so beautiful as you want it to look, so I invite you to see your life differently and thus improve your thoughts and listen to your intuition to overcome your limitations and getting to be every day in peace. I wish you with all my heart. Sintergeticamadrid Elvira Garcia.

European Union

The fanaticism of the figure, is not science, is your WinCE. Do much, the Administration, it was even bureaucrats to the Courteline. From now on, electronics puts an immense power of storage and processing of information in the hands of Western bureaucracies. They have drunk with that, they lost their common sense. The most affected are those of the European Union, heiresses of the monarchies. Going into generalized surveillance, cradle to grave. They aspire to total social control.

They promise to reshape the man in what has more deep. It is not longer only govern the spirits, as I wanted to Guizot, nor even sugestionar them with waves of massive propaganda. Our masters are so confused by unusual progress of bio and nanotechnologies who dream of live manipulate the brain with implants and electrodes. Until you can do that, do not put on the verge a hygienic humanity, desembarazada once of what Freud called the? does compulsion to death, a human species improved, transhuman? We were reduced to tell us:! Fortunately there is the Pope! Therefore when the mentally weak are empowered, scientific progress begets authoritarian utopias that are true megalomaniacal delusions. This fracasara without remedy, but until such causes havoc. No let, even if the new clashes that raises this immoderation obey not already logical left right but in what regards psychoanalysis those clashes, which is of the order of the private domain? Since the beginning of the 21st century, the bureaucracy decided that the mental health of the people was part of their powers.

He invaded the domains of listening, of therapies by the word, it dealt with remodel from the beginning to the end. In practice, this means: attacking the psychoanalysis. Try to eliminate it for the benefit of the techniques of persuasion, therapy cognitive behavioural, intending that their effects are cifrables, therefore scientific. It is the deception of cognitivism.

America And Globalization

A reflection on the globalization and the result of it in the peoples of the North America and Sul. The dissertao had base authors as Canclini and Ianni, who are studious of the globalization process. What it is understood by manifest globalization in the events and referring interpretations to that is international, multinational, world-wide and global. It is seen in the social life and the cultural expressions. is on to the capitalism, socialism, Ocidente, modernity and after-modernity. The society if unified and if it totalized. The easiness of communication and interaction between the peoples is notable, with the aid of the medias and the technology. The thought now leaves of being segmented and passes to be universalizado.

The result of all this process in the culture of the peoples is the homogenization, with as much transference of traditions, values, identities, the peoples had been if unifying. Bringing for inside of each one, a little of the other. The globalization leads to the disruption of national for global and of segmented characteristic for. From what she was seen on the globalization and this process of change that the world comes suffering, we can understand the way as the people are if becoming similar. As the ideas and customs do not exclude the people and they join yes them. Word-Key: Globalization.