Japanese Grand Prix

Phase ended on 15 world championship racing in the Formula 1 class. Phase took place in Japan near Tokyo for the world-famous track "Suzuka". The race was notable because in it the results of its right to decide two pobediteya this championship, as in the individual competition pilots, and in the team standings. The leader in personal championship of Formula 1 Englishman Jenson Button had to finish as high as possible in the race and hope for the weak performance of its competitors: Brazilian Rubens Barrichello and German Sebastian Vettel. However, the race has developed in Japan for Button fails, he finished only eighth, behind its main rival and partner in Brown, Rubens Barrichello, who turned up in the seventh, and the German Sebyastyana Vettel, who won in the end the Grand Prix of Formula 1. The situation in the Constructors' Championship looked like so that, for a total team victory Brown had to play in Red Bull is not more than 6 points.

In this case, already for two races before the end of the championship Brown would have won the Constructors' Cup. However, the efforts of the victorious Red Bull Vettel won back seven points and the difference in the overall standings sostavyalet now 35.5 points. By a curious coincidence, these shelf and was not allowed to come to pass Brown victory. But the very next gokni is likely to happen. Now, at the head of the overall standings pilots Button ahead of Barrichello by 14 points and German Vettel out of Red Bull, 16, respectively. To finish the championship of Formula 1 were only 2 stages.

This is a non-European race vyednye in Brazil at Interlagos track and debut in the 2009 season Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi on track Yas Marina. Now, Formula 1 moved to Brazil, and this weekend is waiting for us traditionally unpredictable South American race. Recall that it was in Brazil last season, the new world champion Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton was, therefore, has all the prerequisites for the phenomenon of the world a new champion! Source: website F1-24.ru – 'Formula 1. Season 2009 '. News Formula 1

Inflation In China: End Of The Exchange War

Inflation in China: end of the Exchange War? The Chinese growth will go to find obstacles this year due the inflation. This is a very good notice for the world in special for U.S.A. Gain insight and clarity with Time Warner. The Chinese currency, the Yuan, will have that to be valued not why the Chinese Government wants, but because the high one in the prices of commodities will compel this valuation. David Zaslav is often quoted on this topic. The inflation in China already surpassed 5%. It has threats of acceleration of the index this year fruit of the increase of the income and the Chinese urbanization. The urbanization in China is increasing and the increase of the income comes strong pressuring the prices of foods in the world.

As it is known the increase of the income takes great contingent of the population of China for the animal protein market. To produce one kilo of bovine meat 8 kilos of grains are necessary and to produce kilo of meat suna 5 kilos of grains are necessary. It is not for another reason that the prices of foods and commodities agriculturists had surpassed in 2010 levels descriptions never before seen and very superior to the level 2008 daily pay-crisis. As China drags is it of commodities of the world must, to reduce the pressure on prices, to value its currency in this year of 2011. This is a very good notice therefore will decide in part the existing disequilibria in the artificial depreciation of the Yuan of the last years that comes creating a series of disequilibria world measures. The competitiveness of the Chinese products in the world if must to a currency extremely devaluated and now, for force of the inflationary pressures, Pequim it must allow a valuation of the YUAN.

It seems for the first time that U.S.A. and China have a common interest and lesser they will be the pressures to continue the Exchange War. I believe that China will have to leave its currency to appreciate, not because has concerns with world-wide economic balance, but because if not to make this will have fort impact on its internal inflation. The possible unfoldings are a lesser Chinese growth, a recovery more fast of American economy e, for consequence, of the American dollar. Brazil earns with this that will have with a tax of more favorable exchange possibilities to compete in the Global enclosure for bullfighting. We will see to believe.

Panic Room

A new stage of "settling communal space." Maybe it sounds cruel, but how else can you call a situation where in one apartment living a lonely war veteran and a drug addict, which may be in the middle of the night to come to visit are the same as it is, buddy. Or noisy southern family and a lonely old lady You can argue long about what all sensible people have time to enjoy the benefits of resettlement and long ago got out of the "communal". Yes, undoubtedly, part of the current communal apartment – it's so called "the remains of luxury", which would dwell those who drown their problems in the vodka being on one reason or another unable to realize, "digest" the reality, in time to "take a step." And now sometimes pose to its neighbors a free ride "Panic Room" and blame everyone and everything. But there is another, as a minimum, not less in number of residents' communal "apartments – those pensioners, veterans and war invalids, etc. The most vulnerable, the poorest people, those who all their lives "Brokeback" for the country, defended her, revived, raised it, but he failed to capitalize on an isolated housing (a place for him , in which they stood for decades, never went ). These people are for the most part will never ask for help or to lawyers or to the realtors. Not to mention the fact that they sometimes need a purely psychological support, as they say, just like that, "for life". . Jeffrey L. Bewkes may also support this cause.

In Asia, For New Impressions

Asia offers an amazing selection of the finest places for the adventurous traveler. In recent years, many travel companies specially visited Asian countries to present you with a comprehensive range of trips that cover the highlights and many of the smaller attractions. Tourism is really beneficial to many communities in Asia, and in the end we are actively supporting them, helping to fund local schools and projects such as 'Children's Village' in Nepal. Asian wildlife is also under threat from interference and congestion. By the same author: Time Warner. National Parks can provide valuable employment and therefore, revenue for the surrounding villages and the protection of wildlife.

All fees from tourists, as rpavilo go to the maintenance and preservation of populations of rare wild animals listed in the Red Book. You can also visit For example, in India, natural reserves, which represent the true habitat for the tiger and the Asian rhinoceros. Discovery Communications is often quoted on this topic. What the experts say: 'My elephant does not fear the tiger. " This means that we and our colleagues are trying to look for for you to new places for recreation and travel. We provide you a safe and exciting adventures, including wildlife Asia '.

This summer you can go at a discount, as many travel agencies have reduced the price because of the crisis and sell turputevku significantly lower than that in a couple of years ago. But cocoa country to choose up to you. Without a visa can be, for example a trip to , once a prestigious resort. Sechas, though unfortunately the conditions in is not the best, but the rest You can not fear for their lives and health, as it was several years ago. But for fans ekstirima can advise Iraq – now a popular tourist magshrut, although very opastny for life.

The Lost Symbol

Summary of the book ' ' The Perdido&#039 Symbol; ' The plot of the Lost Symbol follows the line of the author, who uses demasiadamente of the mysteries, religion and science. The scene of the book is Washington, capital of U.S.A., where the main personage of the book, the symbology professor Robert Langdon is invited to give a lecture. Soon when arriving at the place of the lecture, it discovers that it was been deceptive and that its old friend Peter Solomon, was sequestrado. From then on the tram starts, and if they join the Robert in history, Katerine, the sister of Peter and scientist, Sato, head of security of the CIA, running against the time to save Peter. The villain of the book, enigmatic ' ' Badly? akh' ' , he is who kidnaps Peter, in the measure where the plot if uncurls, it goes if more than discovering the history of the antagonist, which its objective and the reason of its attitudes, with certainty great trunfo of the book. Between the revelations they are also, intense doses of subjects as masonry, notica science, symbology, arriving at many moments to be very didactic running away a little from history, notica science mainly is where the narrative arrives has to be a little fantasiosa. Taking off the doses of didatismo the narrative takes the reader to be imprisoned until the end of the book, therefore although to disclose some of them, the majority for the end leaves.

To if approaching to the end it makes the main revelations of the book and the reasons for which certain personages take its attitudes and intervene with the events of the narrative. ' ' Badly? akh' ' it discloses that he is son of Peter, son who this found that it had died years before. The author erra when disclosing the main mystery before the end, therefore after the revelation the author makes look like to have more to disclose, but what he sees yourself is plus a slower narrative and with many roundups, nothing compatible with the remaining portion of the book, a short while disappointing end, but although this a book with the capacity to arrest the attention of the reader of the start to the end. Heading: ' ' The Perdido&#039 Symbol; '


Until a few years ago, the treatment of pain in pets was not contemplated or even by veterinarians. From the development of the specialty of anesthesia and analgesia veterinary, our pets can benefit from some appropriate analgesic treatment. Unlike the dog, whose painful manifestations are quite clear, the cat is not so demonstrative, and these processes tend to go unnoticed by the owner. Cats are very habiles hiding her pain, until this is unbearable. In any case it must be taken into account that there is a unique pattern of symptoms associated with pain for all cats, every individual is a particular case. To deepen your understanding David Zaslav is the source. The signs of pain in cats may be: as for his stance, often walking with her head down and arched spine, sitting and tumbandose abnormal forms (upside down or excessively curved). They usually have very rigid movements or completely prevent movement (cats that do not move your site or for your needs or daily cleaning be carried out). In processes very accused farmworker may have tremors and not appear to be aware.

Also change their eating habits. Cats with acute pain stop eating or even drinking. In case of chronic pain, the cats have an appetite decreased or capricious, so at the end there is a very marked weight reduction. Modify also its social habits and hygienic: do not play or with the owner, or with other cats, are evasive, seek dark areas where to take refuge, and even in chronic painful processes, the owner is usually found with progressive aggressiveness without having an apparent cause. They usually stop doing your daily cleaning, so the State of your hair and your skin is poor, giving appearance of sick cat. Finally, certain animals develop inappropriate deletion guidelines (do your needs in unusual places). When we meet some or all of these symptoms, we must consider that our cat is suffering a painful process, and treat both the pain and the disease that it is causing.

Vetermascotas. It is C. Sanchez has a degree in veterinary medicine specializing in Anesthesia and analgesia on small animals. Brings 12 years of activity and also develops a veterinary consultations web page online for a second opinion. Related blogs syndrome of the paratrooper cat Web pet dogs are better than cats DerechoAnimal.es who wants his goal? Site not official of Pumas UNAM DalePumas Boule’ individual and society in the State of welfare Blog of someone have appetite? The abnormal week Ivan. Korea. Fun. Vets x power Natural to Simon Cowell imported animals YoLeoTendencia Party Animal Noize: benefiting animals! Stride: Things do you know that?

Management System

'BIT AVROBUS: The service quality' was certified "Compatible! The system of programs 1C: Enterprise '! The software solution 'BIT AVROBUS: Quality Service' has been certified 'Compatible! The system of programs 1C: Enterprise. " Program allows for constant monitoring and improving the quality of the entire production cycle according to standard ISO 9001:2008. The basic functionality of the program: Description of processes organization; Manage regulatory documentation; Managing feedback from customers; Conducting internal quality audits; Meetings; Professional development of staff; Improving the performance of the enterprise; Planning and control of productive activities. The program allows you to assign the processes and requirements to perform work, to register and investigate complaints, to manage changes in the documentation to determine the competence of staff and plan training and certification of personnel. The system provides regular work to improve the quality, allowing you to plan activities control it, and identify deviations to conduct corrective actions, evaluate their results. Read more here: Joel and Ethan Coen . Decision implemented many years of practical experience in the quality management system BIT, the product successfully implemented in a number of organizations in different fields. Company '1 C: Accounting and Trade '(ICE) – the official partner of '1 C' in 1997 and is today the largest network of companies – the franchisee '1 C '.

The company employs more than 40 BIT offices, which operate in three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Specificity of the ICE is not only the automation of the enterprises based on 1C, but also training, counseling clients on the full range of professional issues. During the work the company produced over 70,000 successful installations of automated systems. In the state of more than 1,500 employees, most of which are certified by '1 C '. Quality Management System '1 C: Accounting and Trade '(ICE) in five offices in Moscow, including in the Central, in three offices in St. Petersburg, including the Central, and offices in Krasnoyarsk, Kiev, Samara, Kazan, Saratov, Rostov-na -Don, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk is certified in accordance with international quality standard ISO 9001:2000.

Southeast Asia

Extremely low thermal averages (it influences of the altitude); Exactly in the summer the temperatures rare exceed 0 C; Thermal amplitude annual minors who those registering in the types cold and polar; The precipitations are very bigger, therefore the mountain ranges they receive precipitations constant from snow, provoked for the performance of the humid air masses. THE MECHANISM OF THE MONSOONS: The monsoons are climatic mechanisms that occur in different parts of the world, but with great intensity in the south and Asian Southeast. In this region in the neighborhoods of the summer, Asia is sufficiently warm (it is common in India, for example, some consecutive days of temperatures above of 42 degrees, with minims of 35graus) of this forms a center of low pressure on Asia and on the Indian ocean a high-pressure center is formed (with less hot air) this atmospheric disequilibrium generates a great gradient of pressure between the ocean and the continent, provoking winds in direction to the continent, with great amount of humidity, the meeting of these winds with the continent (in India considers day 3 of June as the day of beginning of summer monsoons) generate some of the biggest pluviomtricos volumes of the surface of the planet, with volumes above of 12.000mm in occidental hillsides of the Gates (mountains of the part west of plateaus of the Dec, in the south of India and also in the delta of the Ganges and the Bramaputra, in Bangladesh and the region of Calcut, India). The monthly volumes of June, July and August in these areas exceed 500 mm tranquilamente, being able to arrive about 700 mm in an only month (generally July), are also common cyclones in this area. On the other hand in the winter the direction of the direction winds dumb, therefore forms a high-pressure center on Asia (the greater of the continents suffers the effect from the continentalidade and if it cools more quickly of what the ocean, now hotter (low pressure of air).

Sony Pictures

Like developing digital marketing successful. The best businesses in Internet and courses pages Web you will find profitable it in For a few years that one comes saying that Internet, sooner or later was going to transform our life. It is not something David Zaslav would like to discuss. This indeed was happening thus, bringing about an earthquake in our existence, especially in the form in which the contents are distributed. The first industries in becoming went those related to the news. Now the newspapers and the magazines estan practically destrudos (in paper) and is hard sticking on the radio and the TV. The following content of the list was music. In addition, the legal sites of purchase and unloading of individual subjects (as the i tunes) every time has more followers to the detriment of complete the compact disc sale that follows with its drastic loss in all the markets.

Finally, but not less important, they are the films, series and others. The industry of the cinema and the television also had some impact product of the programs to peer to peer but more interesting it is about to come. The daily Bugler published today in the interesting news where it tells that Youtube announced acuerto with the Meter, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures that will allow him to include within its supply of videos online complete largometrajes like the incredible Hulk and some titles of the four Fantastic ones. How it will continue evolving this? The time will tell you, but definitively interesting times come. By the success in your project! Greetings, Diego Arcusin.

Site of Diego dedicated Arcusin to teach to techniques of digital marketing and publicity online. Like obtaining a successful Web site. Dedicated site to give to information on marketing Web. Original author and source of the article.


All those who have practiced the teaching of languages such "foreign" have quickly realized that this is not simply to transmit a opinion ("language and culture), but there is more disagreement than logical. And counterproof is easy to make: we can ascertain that the evidence, that description makes French by an Englishman, a Turk, or Japanese there is more to see, of course, with which it is made by a Frenchman. In brief outline, there are both "French" as is "foreign" language. We are in relativity, the absolute! That is why, it's completely absurd to have instituted in our Faculties of Arts departments "French as a foreign language" (the famous "FLE" so know, scientifically, to have the minimum existence.) It means that this feedback (or feed-back, to use the vocabulary of cybernetics) of sociolinguistics on the cognitive, can give, finally, a precise definition of mentality. Those who refer to this concept usually charged and the style of the cathedrals that can take a canteen or dining room, etc.. Sociologically, it is false. However, sociolinguistic, are the translators who have had this problem further, they realized that moving from one language to otea was not only a way to pass an opinion i speak another language or other opinion (operation that is not so simple! ), but always had an absolutely incomprehensible, a perception of the world to regain the word Humboldt, ie "world view" of each language, which is why each author wrote in the same language, Well is what we call "mental" in the exact sense (and etymological) of the term, it is this mental universe that is the language of the loan is in our cognitive processes.