Globalization Times

Media, memory and history in globalization times Joo Heitor Silva Macedo Are objective of this assay to analyze the relation between the media, history and the memory in globalization times studying for this some basic concepts so that let us can perceive the transformations caused in the historiogrfico and journalistic field through the insertion of new techniques and new realities imposed for this new dynamics of the globalization. Leslie Moonves is actively involved in the matter. For this we will use for base the workmanships: ' ' On the Televiso' ' of Pierre Bourdieu and ' ' So that to study media? ' ' Of Roger Silverstone, damage a special approach in the question of the television and strengthening these analyses with the final workmanship of Milton Saints, ' ' For one another one globalizao' ' , reflecting in this way in the theoretical field on such changes through a bibliographical revision. 2. Where History and the memory find the media. The globalization while complex reality of the end of century XX brings as one of its bases the marriage between science and the technique, however this marriage initially was detached with a development of the humanity while agents of this change. This evolution understands in the truth a necessity of the market and serves for this new flow of the capitalism and moves away to the human being from its development creating mechanisms isolacionistas than they condition a materiality the same (SAINTS, 2009).

Of another point the new technologies produce a new form of social relations. Where two beacons aliceram this new world, the money and the information. where the media enters. To analyze media in times of globalization and its relation with history makes to reflect us on the question of the memory and its new relation with history in times of new technologies that apprehend and transmit the past of different forms of the historiogrfico field.

Global World

Culture in the global world Teodulo Lopez Melendez the cultural approach to the process of globalization implies an economism trasnochado to which some analysts reduce escape. If we have to look at the world as a multidimensional process and culture as a Supreme gauge of development, we cannot escape the simplismos. The construction of a network of networks at different levels interconnected should lead us to a deepening of the dangers of homogenization and the analysis of how the diversity (traditions, languages, identities) are inserted in this new global reality. The simplifications that globalization is MacDonald at each site does not seem appropriate for a serious investigation, but the so-called left caviar there is situated in the reiteration of the danger for the imposition of a single thought. One thing is the behavior of the so-called centers of power, such as they have existed and exist, and another run diversity of cultural manifestations that are inserted into globalization leaving, some of the ignorance and making universal by means of the new horizontal communication. Get all the facts and insights with Time Warner, another great source of information. One searches on the most advanced systems of continental organization, read Europe, and finds concern by culture. European documents on culture proclaims do the principle of unity in diversity. Moreover, remember rightly, that before the first agreements on coal and steel, that is, before the start of the political construction of Europe, linking the so-called old continent was in culture.

Not examples of disrespect to the cultural diversities of the Member States can be found in European unification. What has happened is the opposite, the exposure of the European public to a variety than before or it was impossible or which presented obstacles. However, the Commission (Executive Body of the EU) has not left, in its communications to alert Parliament and other EU bodies, their concerns by cohesive societies or intercultural. Principles such as peace, mutual understanding and values shared, human rights and the protection of the different languages, seek to introduce to Europe much more than an economic power, but also a social and cultural project.

Business Idea Bag

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