Representing 7.48% of the universe of 51 people. 3.4SELEO OF the SUBJECT Citizen of the research, according to Vergara (2006, p.53), ' ' they are the people who will supply the data of that you precisa' '. To the times, they can be confused with ' ' universe and amostra' ' , when they are related with people. In this study the citizens had been the integrant ones of the management, that is composed for four collaborators, a commercial director, a regional superintendent, a coordinator of workmanships and the manager of the branch office. The management of the unit is defined in the manual of norms and procedures of the company. All the integrant ones know and participate of the activities of the organization. 3.5INSTRUMENTO OF RESEARCH was used for the collection of the data: ) Bibliographical research in books, dictionaries, magazines, periodicals, articles, teses and disserta-es with data on the subject; b) Documentary research in the archives of the SERVENG. In this place it was found regulations internal, reports and other documents not published; Documentary the bibliographical research and is justified, to the measure that contributes for the survey of the information that they describe as the effectiveness of the logistic one in the industry of the civil construction.

c) Research of field, with structuralized interviews, the collaborators with positions indicated in the sample. Instrument of the structuralized interview. In accordance with D? Oliveira, Lima and Luna (1996). the guided interview allows the interviewer to use one? guide? of subjects to be explored during the course of the interview … the researcher previously knows the aspects that he desires to search e, on the basis of they, formulates some points to treat in the interview. The interviewed one has the freedom to express itself as it to want guided for the interviewer. The collected data had been transcribed, with the authorization of the interviewed ones.

Central America

The linguistic family Chibcha includes a group of languages and dialects spoken by the towns chibchas, that populated several countries with the North zone of South America, and the south of Central America. it ties One Bosa two, close or surrounded, to round Mica three, different, chosen Muyhica four, it prance, black thing, end or branch. Hisca five, drink, medicine Ta six, farming cuhupcua seven suhuza eight breadfruit nine ubchihica ten quihicha ties eleven quihicha bosa twelve quihicha ubchihica, gueta Twenty gueta asique ties Twenty-one gueta asaqui bosa twenty-two gueta asaqui ubchihica thirty gue bosa forty gue mica sixty gue hisca one hundred gue house muyquy field face outside yba blood quye wood fura good woman cho gue is shoots son fihisca soul, breath turkey hen Father sua Sun cha Moon quica Earth or region gua Monte guatoc Broken pcuahasa Ray ocasa Truth nga Then aguene gue If there is atugue Is one only nymy leoncillo or wild cat chyquy priest muyquy field quyne bone zocam year (for them a lunar cycle) Za Sua night Sua day ore tomorrow from the birth of the sun to noon Sua Mecca takes from noon to entering the sun Cagui night – dawn from measured night to leaving the sun Zasca since the sun entered until average Tithua night head of each tribe chircate square blanket chumbe or maure wraps widens liquira small blanket used on shoulders awkward person great gold pin or silver to catch the blanket on the chest, and whose head is like a bell muiscas people cuhuca Heard Ear cuhuca chie upcuaga Eyelashes chispcua Elbow aba Maize hica Stone pcuapcua Hat pcua Language quihicha Foot cha Moon cat Fire sysqui Head upcua Eye quyhyca Mouth yta Hand chue Chests mue Mollera sue Bird gua Fished ize Ant hica Stone sie Water cuza Comb removes to Nose sica Teeth yba Blood sue Bird supcua Crab xie, sie River hica Zipa Stone, Zaque, great gentleman yomsa, yomuy Popes or potatoes chib walking stick cha man, man Virtual communities of Collaborative Learning CHAPTER II The language chibcha compared with the languages Americans-Not it has affinities with the Japanese, the Mayan, Quiche’ and quicha-Error de Brinton about the common origin of the Chibchas and other tribes, and the diffusion of its language-Comparison of chibcha with sinsiga, aruaco and chimila-Affinity of chibcha with talamanca, the guayam and other dialects istmeos-La migration of the Chibchas came from the North America, far from to have started off of the country of these for Costarrica, as it maintains Brinton-Similarity of works of art of the Talamancas and Chiriques and desemejanza to it of those of everyone with respect to those of Chibchas-Similarity of some of its customs. .

PS3 And Change Announce Collaboration

PS3 presents the world’s most powerful AC regenerator for high-end AV systems in conjunction with change. Of course: Electricity comes out of the socket, in almost all German households. But power is not equal to the current. There is quite qualitative differences. What appears to be good enough for standard electricity consumers, many quality-oriented audio and video fans is a thorn in the side.

Because in Germany hardly a power supply delivers clean flowing energy. Too many confounding factors polluting the stream in the local area network, circulate for interference and thus the voltage from the socket easily vary. The results are poor sound or image errors. Voltage spikes and general power surges that can quickly cause damage to more expensive electronics are also dangerous. So then even a complete failure of sensitive components will be risked.

Our unique solution to this problem comes from the Canadian specialist of energy change. Connected to the mains socket, the system provides new and clean energy downstream systems and isolated them safely from the remaining power supply. When power has to be perfect, is local regeneration\”with change the solution. Comparable with a high-quality battery the high-tech delivers solution best shielded stainless flow regardless of mains fluctuations. The batteries of the PurePower systems provide for complete independence from the power grid. So, the supplied electricity directly from the battery, comes what is resistant to errors of the grid, such as a total blackout, the connected systems. The PS3 GmbH in Rheine is now bringing the PurePower innovative products on the German market. The cooperation is a milestone in our company history. The latest AC regenerator of PurePower are capable of power amplifiers of the reference class to new, dynamic height. We represent change nationwide and are sure that the audio and Videophilen product line is make enthusiastic waves\”, according to Managing Director Christian Ahrens.

Web Technical

With the Web-based content management system by Ekumo, the documentation service provider offers its customers a collaborative work on technical documentation on the Internet. (Berlin) – machine makers, who produce product types with overlapping strongly manuals today without a content management system can no longer do. The documentation service provider Bacon & warns has such customers, for which he created technical documentation and advising it to the topics of CMS and technical communication. To create documentation in the future together with our customers, Bacon & warns now has the Web-based content management system introduced in Ekumo. The software is installed on the servers of the documentation service provider. Via Web from anywhere from access to the centrally hosted solution, customers have. Hear from experts in the field like Jeffrey L. Bewkes for a more varied view. Enables a collaborative work on technical documentation Bacon & warns its customers and can also very easily a few admit users on the system in the context of Web-based collaboration.

This service of the community working in the We can offer CMS only via a Web-based content management system”, explains Managing Director of Dietmar warns, with Ekumo we collect information structured according to the latest state of the art in the CMS where the customer can work with on your system and reap all the benefits.” In particular, the customers can benefit by Bacon & warns also by the connection of the centrally hosted Ekumo CMS with translation memory systems, which allows the efficient creation of multilingual documentation. Founded in 1997, Engineering Office for technical documentation employs editors, engineers, illustrators and translators as experienced specialists from all areas of civil and military documentation and also has professionals in the area of SGML/XML based content management systems as well as software development and database programming. About the Ekumo GmbH: The Ekumo GmbH is specialized on the development and marketing of the same content management system for the technical documentation. The company headquartered in Berlin was founded in late 2009 as a spin-off of Digiden GmbH. Previously, together with experts from science and practice already more than seven years, a designated team has invested in product development.

Ekumo is the fully online-based content management system and includes all functions that are necessary for creating, editing, organizing, test and publish technical documents and complex product information. The integrated developer environment to the multilingual publication Ekumo maps all workflows. Especially companies with multiple distributed locations and suppliers benefit from the collaboration approach. You all can access up to date information without delay. More information at or by E-Mail:. Editorial Contacts: Ekumo GmbH Theresa Abdur Rahman in the baking factory of Saarbrucken str.

GRE Global Real Estate

Conditions for termination were not available the rest followed the Senate which presented view, that revocation reasons also therefore cannot be determined, because the revocation was properly granted and no concerns encountered by the GRE global real estate AG. Already in January 2009, the GRE global real estate AG could (RAe concern Landry) successfully defend against the complaint of a couple of investors before the OLG Rostock (1 U 200/08). The plaintiff appealed against the judgment of the Landgericht Rostock, where they were already fully inferior. The presentation of the plaintiff was already there among other contradictory. The LG Rostock stated inter alia: also no claim for damages for breach of the investment advisory agreement, or a breach of obligation is the plaintiffs against GRE global real estate AG.

The plaintiffs even took back the appeal against the broker, the appeal of the GRE global real estate AG was fully rejected because she had no prospect of success. The OLG Rostock led u. a. off: The further objection of the plaintiff, them because of a consumer credit agreement a right of withdrawal to confess to, is quite mistaken. The plaintiffs have signed a contract on entering into a contribution to an atypical silent society with GRE global real estate AG including its an installment option is cleared.

That the conditions for the termination of this agreement were not available, the Court of first instance has carried out free of concerns. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The rest followed the Senate which presented view, that revocation reasons also therefore cannot be determined, because the revocation was properly granted and no concerns encountered by the GRE global real estate AG. At Time Warner you will find additional information. GRE global real estate AG campaigned over the years 07/2001-05/2007 financial funds to the capital market a. With targeted advertising on the Internet, some self-proclaimed investors protection lawyers make apparently”like shops with supposedly aggrieved investors. In the so-called Group of lawyers tried often, with targeted Uncertainty to stir up doubts about the investors with regard to their previous investment. What however is not said here is that appears superficially attractive is the goal a recovery of capital created the company with legal means as opposed to the long-term goals, which followed the company with the financial resources of its investors. Advertising presented individual decisions of the courts, which are represented as universal application, should reduce the conscious perception of the risk of not inconsiderable costs. While Landry law firm, Munich, successfully avoided claims that it always depends on the assessment of the individual case show the variety of GRE AG and the care representative. A transfer of individual, picked out judgment reasons on new mandate conditions rarely leads to success. At least not in the affected investors, for whom the shot also likes backwards”we go. Not that he will be released from his obligations, even that he the payments made to rather to be refunded rather, he must have also even Court and Attorney’s fees. In not a few cases, these exceeded significantly the expected Auskehrungen. The GRE global real estate AG advises its investors, always first to seek dialogue with the society. In unique cases, this is the more flexible, less costly and faster solution.

Global Fame

GLOAME the new app for creative photo artists and all those who want to become one! Hamburg, 24.07.2013 with the GLOAME app is limitless creativity more. Smartphone users can at any location of the world perpetuate themselves now, by a photo shoot, imaginatively painted and share it on Facebook. Thus, Gloame to the community for all creative to virtual tagging, is spraying and fashion. How does GLOAME work? The free app is quite easy to use. Man shoots a photo of the place, where just staying now, edited it with colorful pins and stickers or paints a small work of art directly and pins it to the corresponding virtual wall. Through a location based service can determine which walls”in the district already exist or can be created yet. Through the integrated photo – and time function, the artworks with edding markers and the new can be designed edding permanent spray. So, the user can at will beautify the pictures and edit. David Zaslav has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Each creative mind creates its own small piece of art! The user can perpetuate the GLOAME app on all earth buildings, attractions, parties, concerts and cool locations. Artworks to exciting and funny parent terms are created on topics of walls”: so the favorite sneakers or the best junk can be food of the city in a creative way immortal. All incurred Gloames”can share with friends and the rest of the world via Facebook. Who wanted to paint its school or uni with a slogan so ever or spray, can do this with GLOAME legally. The app contains some typical game and motivational items. The user points and Awards (badges) and thus can ascend to the rank. Peer Svent Kortmann, one of the creative minds behind the Gloame idea, says: “I greatly look forward to the launch and hope to a lot of feedback from the app enthusiastic community!” Gloame is now available in the Apple app store and Google play store. Click here to go directly to the app: Apple app store: Google play store: GLOAME has an own website and blog.

News, announcements and changes can be found here. The blog can directly through the app under news/services”will be opened. The homepage can be found at. About tisoomi GmbH, the tisoomi GmbH was founded in Hamburg in November 2012. The company specializes in developing software for iOS and Android, as well as on design and programming of Web apps, Web sites, and promotional materials. But also online marketing, E-Commerce and M-commerce among the tasks.

Global Responsibility

This work is resulted of the participation in VI the FrumBrasileiro de Ambient Educao, carried through in Rio De Janeiro in the period of 22a 25 of July of 2009. During the event I investigated as the Education worked Ambientalest being in Brazil, the difficulties and rightnesss of the educadoresenvolvidos ones with this question. To the end of the Frum, I exactly made an analysis of contribuiodo for the promotion of new practical educative interdisciplinares noensino of Geography, evidencing the importance of Geographic Science paraminimizao of the ambient estragos caused by the action human being. Introduction VI the Brazilian Frum of Educao Ambiental (EA) carried through in Rio De Janeiro, of 22 the 25 of July of 2009, if constituted in a great confrontation dedificuldades and overcoming, either of the maioriados Commission great Organizer or participant, the deriving ones of the four cantos of the country. To broaden your perception, visit David Zaslav. With a huge intention and an uncommon force of will the REBEA (RedeBrasileira de Educao Ambient) together with the Institute Bay of the Guanabaracaptaram resources, they contactaram writers and palestrantes and they had promoted momentosde reflections profcuas, oportunizando warm manifestations, that made batermais strong each there present ambientalista heart.

To the participants and ambient educators of more distant regions, adifcil task fit to win ‘ ‘ barriers capitalistas’ ‘ fronteirasinterestaduais to be added to excessively, dividing ideas and multiplicandoconhecimentos, thus being able, to improve its practical daily when retaking asatividades. I include myself here and for such reason, I see myself, as multiplicadoradas innumerable questions argued in this event. As a bird that disseminaplen of the flowers so that it has fruits, I want through this work levantarpontos, that in my opinion they had been more significant and to spread them it the queporventura will have access the same. The central subject of the Frum was the Treated one to Ambient Education for SociedadesSustentveis and Global Responsabilidade.

Global Crisis

They say those who know:-this so publicized world financial crisis is due to the lack of regulations. Although the libremercadistas and anarchists are angry, I think that we cannot agree with this conclusion. It’s like when a life partner without having signed papers free union is called. Such freedom no respect a spouse and the other. The paper is right and necessary, but not imprisons them. If a man and a woman living together with Act of marriage and no act, loyalty and fidelity one due to the other. In this regard they are not free.

The term free union, is therefore used by ignorance or pretext. So revered free market can not be such. Then it must be asked: does free of what or who?. Let’s see. If by fear or bad milk investors withdraw their money from companies, jobs disappear, low consumption, and emerging countries as Mexico stop selling their goods and suffer the flight of capital, then, say free-market is attempting to fool listeners.

And I think that there had been very successful in this. Until now. When a marriage (with documents or without them) there are breaking or flight of one of the spouses, someone is going to get hurt. And although there are two, there are always more people injured. Analogously, in the atmosphere of the market, that basically is the exchange of goods and services to live, when you remove or weaken one of the important parts, then the rest suffer. There is talk that the bankers and other companies invested money taken money from investors, society and Government in an irresponsible manner causing a weakening of the capacity to pay of these companies (bankruptcy!), which in turn caused investors distrust and withdraw their precious money in the capital markets. For this reason we have seen daily spectacle of the fall of the United States and the world stock exchanges.