Lose Weight Green Tea

Lose weight green tea help …! In the food industry of China green tea production is the leader. And this is no accident, eating, this useful drink you get not only pleasure but also a lot of vitamins, proteins and micronutrients. With the help of green tea to lose weight fairly simply, using it as an essential element of the diet. Green tea is rich in protein, it was noticed the British in the 19th century. Different types of tea may contain from 10 to 20% protein.

Since ancient times in Asian countries are actively using the tea leaves in soups, salads, frying meat, etc. Saturated by protein green tea leaves are not inferior beans and lentils. with exercise to lose weight by 10 kg per week, a group of scientists from Harvard University proved – green tea reduces your appetite. Learn more on the subject from Leslie Moonves. After drinking a cup of green tea, you will immediately feel the richness and the tide of cheerfulness. If properly combined This low-calorie drink with a meal, you can easily give up many foods that prevent to lose weight.

Two weeks of this diet and you will definitely see results! Green tea not only help get rid of unwanted pounds, but gradually and stabilizes the digestive process. First you get rid of excess fluid, and only then take up the body burn fat. Another advantage of this diet is that you get used to good nutrition. A vid that is exactly what you need for people seeking to lose weight! This is one of the most effective and, moreover, a very present diets. Sitting on a diet, we lose the weight for 4 days to three pounds! Thanks to the delicious berry – STRAWBERRIES! Nice diet, do not say anything! And useful, to do the same. Pleasant strawberry diet only specific feature: the strawberry grows only at certain times of the year, because only this time you can it use. Hope for the frozen product is not: it is known to lose all its beneficial properties … so we take only the berries fresh. They are delicious, but, oddly enough, the sugar content in them is minimal. Read more about how to lose weight fast for a week to 10 kg

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