Popular Chinese Activities

In China, it is normal to see people from eighty years by jumping rope. They do it with friends, with family, or with the grandchildren. In large squares or in tiny alleys. As if they finished out of class and only had a few minutes to enjoy the playground. Although still has not given Cao Ming by jumping rope, this musician’s 63 years also maintains in the form. He says that his secret is playing drums for four hours a day, eat well and enjoy their grandchildren.

When he commented that it looks great and it looks much younger, I respond as if I had suddenly become his disciple: in China we say that one becomes old when you cannot move your hands or feet. Look at how I play the drums and guitar. I move them. I’m young. I not only play by music, also for life.

So never you become old. In Beijing, other older people prefer to enjoy their youth with Tai Chi, meditation and other types of exercises. When is the majority of young people still between the sheets, many already they take several hours practicing Tai Chi in parks. A show is getting up at 6 in the morning and go to the parks to contemplate their movements paused but insightful, as small turtles that are moving slowly but in the direction required. Fascinated by the vitality of older persons and their role in Chinese society, I went once more with all my questions to the Lao Wang old bicycle shop. On this occasion caught you waiting for customers and recalling phrases of Confucius: in society the importance of respect for elders and traditional Chinese filial piety was something almost sacred. The greatest duty of a son was to care for their parents. Now things are changing. Young people increasingly are less concerned by their elders. Lao Wang explained to me how in traditional Chinese culture the children were obliged to follow the advice of his parents, preparing their funeral and take care of them until the last day. Today, and in big cities, things have changed a lot. Some children even attend legal contracts to arrange relations family: children undertake to pay their studies while they are young to change that older people don’t bother them when their old age. Social relationships change in China by leaps. Although increasingly less, older people enjoy still enviable a prestige and vitality. Currently, spaces in parks are designed so that the young people run, but also so that older persons can make their Tai Chi exercises. And the elderly still compete with children to see who jumps better to camber. Daniel Mendez original Autor and source of the article.

German Fritz Mller

The first attempt of autonomy was given with the Regency (1830-1841), but only was with the Announcement of Republic that Brazil was broken up definitively of Portugal. This fact took the men of letters of century XIX to explore the subject of the nationalism. The search of ' ' symbols that translate our life social' ' , it affirms Araripe Jnior. The simbolistas searched to integrate the poetry in the cosmic life, using an indirect and appeared language. It still fits to stand out that the difference between the Symbolism and the Parnasianismo is not first in the form, since both use certain formalismos (use of soneto, of metric the traditional one, of you rhyme them rich and rare and of rich vocabulary), but in the content and the vision of world of the artist.

Although to follow some aesthetic effect of the Parnaso, this movement disrespected the traditional grammar with intention not to limit the art to the object, working msticos and sentimental contents, using for in such a way the sinestesia (mixture of sensations: tato, vision, olfato). This literary chain gave exclusive attention to the submerged substance of ' ' eu' ' , exploring it by means of a pessimistic language musical comedy, in which the emotiva load of the words is salient; the poetry comes close to music using aliteraes. POETICAL AND the STYLE OF CROSS AND SOUSA AND ALPHONSUS GUIMARAENS AND AUGUSTUS OF the ANGELS the poet Joo de a Cruz and Sousa was born in Deportation (current Florianpolis) in day 24 of November of 1861, son of blacks alforriados, since small received the guardianship and a refined education from its former-Mr., the Marshal Guillermo Xavier de Sousa – of who it adopted the family name. Frenchman, Latin learned and Greek, beyond having been disciple of the German Fritz Mller, with who he learned Natural Mathematics and Sciences.

Business Solutions

SLM solutions on the rapid. Tech 2013 meet Rapid.Tech in Erfurt for the tenth time newcomers and experts from the 14th to the 15th of may at the Erfurt exhibition and Congress. The trade fair and user’s Conference for rapid technology is the meeting point to latest results, discuss trends and applications of generative manufacturing technology or to meet. Rapid manufacturing is part of the future and has itself rapidly in many sectors as a cross-cutting technology additive manufacturing (AM) in developed. SLM solutions, leading manufacturer of machines for small series and Pro types production, is represented this year on the Rapid.Tech in Erfurt and presents his generative (SLM / most) system techniques in Hall 2, stand 2-408. The company from Lubeck presents the beam melting plant SLM 280 HL.

The machine covers the entire process of laser fusion. The SLM 280 HL is the ideal universal system”both in the R & D-area as well as for the production for SLM process. The proliferation of generative process leads to new in many other high-tech industries Business models and value chains. With the introduction of the SLM 280 HL, SLM solutions corresponds to the customer for space-saving, quality – and cost-optimized solutions. SLM solutions enriched the programme with two contributions. “Dr. Dieter Schwarze, scientific officer at SLM Solutions GmbH reported on May 14 at 4: 00 on the topic of economic efficiency under the title: SLM solutions manage economic and technological breakthrough for the selective laser melting”.Stefan Ritt, export sales and marketing manager at SLM Solutions GmbH application arrives on Wednesday, 15 may at 10: 00 in the clinical area on the topic of implants. “His contribution is: manufacture of medical implants and surgical instruments for maxillofacial applications using SLM” Henner Schoneborn, Member of the Executive Board discusses SLM solutions: our objective is research and development of efficient and high-quality solutions for the production of prototypes, small series and individual series products under the premise of a customer to deliver maximum productivity and flexibility.

Rapid.Tech 2013 visitors through the combination of trade fair and conferences have in many ways for talking to themselves and.” About SLM Solutions GmbH, the SLM Solutions GmbH, manufacturer of machines for small series and Pro types production in Lubeck, Germany, supports its customers for more than 50 years with solutions in the fields of vacuum casting, metal casting and selective laser melting. Focus industries of the SLM solutions are the automotive industry, educational institutions, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical technology. As pioneer and technology leader develops, constructs and builds SLM solutions technical and economic solutions for the benefit of their customers. SLM solutions brings many years of experience in the rapid manufacturing plant construction a, dominated the processes and has cross-industry know-how. SLM solutions has their reputation and their expert knowledge in the market under the company names of HEK GmbH, MCP HEK Tooling GmbH and last MTT technologies GmbH set up.