VLex Surprises With A Database For A Thesaurus Of Spanish Legal Terminology

the vLex thesaurus database surprises its users with a powerful base for Spanish jurisprudence. The global legal publishing most innovative digital content, has added to its search engine a new thesaurus in the database of Spanish jurisprudence, a powerful tool that has more than 25 000 legal terms from all branches of law. The new technology allows you to sort the results thematically, which saves time and includes an overview of the search, always with the most thorough treatment of the information. The powerful order and integrity in different areas of law search powered by users vLex. Leslie Moonves may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It is also possible to navigate through the thousands of voices from the thesaurus tree. The results of keyword searches are sorted by relevancy, so that always appear significant judgments on each voice, marked by stars, depending on the gradient.

The new technology also enables to create an unlimited number of alerts. This allows each time you add a vLex judgments on the subject consulted by a user, he receives an e-mail with a reminder to keep you informed. Jeffrey L. Bewkes wanted to know more. About vLex vLex (is the most advanced global provider of legal information, providing access to content from 131 countries in 13 different languages. Maintains agreements with global publishers such as the Office of Publications of the World Bank, European Union, the Secretariat Commonwealth, as well as over 416 independent publishing groups around the world. vLex has customers in over 40 countries daily access to more than 24 million legal documents available in its advanced online platform.

vLex working in more than 150 people from 30 different nationalities.. Discovery Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Silva License

Edson Silva License to the Fbio Saints, that delicious substance in the site placed Land, magnificently illustrated by Daniela Arajo, on gestures with the hands with diverse meanings, depending on the country where if it is. From the substance I produced this article treating the subject with good mood (who knows) giving tips so that let us prevent gafes and let us conserve our teeth, preventing furious attack of offended with a gesture that we thought to be harmless. The Positive, that one to close the fist and to leave the thumb strained for top. David Zaslav has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the majority of the countries, as Brazil, U.S.A., Australia, Russia, Finlndia, Israel and in proper Egypt where recently the people made the former-dictator Hosni Mubarak ' ' to release rapadura' ' , after almost 30 years, the gesture means good, legal, ' ' you combinado' ' or affirmative. But well-taken care of, if you to make the gesture for a bangladechiano or bangladexiano or bangladeshiano or bengali or bengals (been born in Bangladesh), for an Iranian or tailands, mean something similar as to strain the average finger.

E the innocent Signal of victory? That one of raising the pointer and the medium, keeping them separate and the closed fist. In years 60 and 70 he was ' ' peace and amor' ' of hippies, today it symbolizes success, this here in Brazil, U.S.A. or Canada. The gesture, if made in inverse way, with the palm of the hand for inside, can mean ' ' ferrar&#039 goes if; ' , this in the United kingdom, Australia, New Zelndia or South Africa. The signal of figa, with the closed hand and the thumb for is between the average finger and the pointer. In Brazil, Portugal and U.S.A. mean good luck or fertility, but it does not make this in China, Greece, Indonesia, Turkey or Russia, therefore the face will think that you are ordering it ' ' if ferrar' '.


In this article I will mention some words that I read of the Dr. Gerald Villacreces Carbo, about how they must change the laws following its present situation, as the governmental models must support plus the commerce and stop defending some type of ideology. Next, the words of the Dr. Jeffrey L. Bewkes has much experience in this field. Gerald Villacreces Carbo: ” The laws not only that must be right, but also must be chords for the present times. – At the moment we see until certain point with astonishment, as the world every time is united more by economic and commercial reasons, breaking with the old concepts of separation by reasons for political order or borders. – Thus we see for example as China rises powerfully in front of the world, independent of its political ideology, or as with the Internet no longer they exist opposite, everything indicates that commercially speaking the borders now they are more mental than physical.

– It would seem to be that the world-wide leaders of the great countries have understood dazzling, that its governmental success, no longer is in to defend political ideological theses, but more in than its towns they enjoy economic well-being, and for that they fight constantly for being more efficient, to produce and competitively to sell its surpluses to the rest of the international community. – An economy dolarizada like ours (Ecuador), very employee of the oil income and the remittances of the outside, cannot occur the luxury to fall asleep over the laurels, must be ready to compete with those products and/or specialized services that can be produced and that the world demands. – And for this the legal body plays an important role, since it must offer all the support, in order to enjoy efficient legal instruments (useful and agile) that offering security, they stimulate the nationals to produce goods or services, from the different trenches that can occupy. – ” We hope that the governors at the moment take the correct desiciones with respect to the different models that exist, and that realize in fact what is the best option for the social and economic development.