The economy cabaret artist nominated WALDEMAR MuLLER – the POWERDIENSTLEISTER for CONGA, comedian and presenter Waldemar Muller is nominated for the conga award 2009 in the category entertainment! The applicable as the event industry “Oscar” award is given this year for the third time in 10 categories. Previous winners included Dr. Eckardt by Eckart von Hirschhausen, Prof Lothar Seiwert, Jorg Lohr and Sabine Asgodom. The conga award is no prize, but a vote of all the German event planners. After a professional, multi-tiered pre-qualifying, ultimately over 25,000 professionals determine the final ranking within each category.

Waldemar Muller is 20 years as host and comedian on stage and delivers first show on the subject as Powerdienstleister and specialist service Germany’s modern working environments. In its successful format of Web TV service pioneer “fights Muller also with dedication and humor for a German day of customer service. This year moderated Muller etc. the Swiss success Forum in Zurich. In addition, the Powerdienstleister will present his stage show at the German service Conference in Munich. The celebratory conga Award Gala will take place on June 16, 2009 in the Marshall at the Berlin trade fair. Business information about Waldemar Muller from the fields of cabaret, moderation, Web TV, business and corporate Theatre see Armin Nagel or press release from “Office Powerdienstleister”-

Insurance Institute

Also are costs for the services, so to pay for the Administration, because the homemade Temple of life insurers are not paid and free of charge! If then a gezwolftelte variant of number of was agreed, this is reflected also in this life insurance: the Insurance Institute calculated that with an annual payment. Anything that deviates from that will be billed extra or interest! A policy loan is not the wisdom last final! Who beleiht his insurance because he needed amounts from the pension plan in the meantime, far more than already pays the insurance company. Because the trick of the computing Department of insurance: she give you his own hard savings money back. Because it leeches the policyholder properly and scored properly! The customer shall pay off further and further the borrowed money its normal discount from its insurance, plus the accumulated interest, whereby the credit interest rate is far below the loan rate! So here too extreme caution and a good advice is catch up. What other options are there? How can we help a gutglaubigem customer who after several years of saving phase of its billing receives and determines that he for years has paid more in his life insurance money, as he gets paid now? Probably just bad. But for many hard-working contributors, there is a solution: with life insurance and inside on the optimized fixed assets! The way that time can be however uncomfortable: the surrender value of the life insurance is due to the partly high acquisition costs, the costs for the management of the contract and the insurance has expected experience not as high, as some. Here cuts must often be swallowed. The result can be often seen.

With immediate capital needs of interest should a needs analysis with a pencil first be performed. Then is taking stock: how is the risk covered and who is against it to protect? “To provide minors with the family in the are, the death benefit is higher, than if it is only” is to the security of the partner. For such cases there are simple – life insurance, which occur only in the case, namely in the case of death! Here, usually no payment is made to the end of the contract. But even here caution applies: some insurers offer options with a contribution refund. This is simply a capital-forming part of the life insurance in the amount of the calculated contributions! Also there for completion and management costs again. The requirement is only calculated it saves quite openly. Usually, you can light the return Turbo due to this change. Intelligent asset investments are now asking.

It is pretty easy to find experts. If you want to separate itself from its life insurance, you are well advised to check in advance once, how much You can get or whether or not worth possibly even a continuation of the Treaty. See blog/expertencheck interested people have the opportunity to have a free expert check. The expert check is performed in terms of the cost-effectiveness of the continuation, of the possible sale, termination and of course an alternative retirement plans. It ensures an optimal result for the customer over ten years of experience of the cooperation partners. Of course all data protection complying with this. Christoph Gruhn

Residential Properties

Especially when it comes to large-scale and long-term projects. Also declined significantly and the volume of residential development. Thus, in St. Petersburg was "frozen" for about 85% of housing under construction. First of all, it's expensive homes with premium: a reduction of personal income and the tightening of mortgage lending does not contribute to market growth luxury real estate. Respectively, and participated in its construction of a highly profitable business can turn into a long-term burden. In contrast, budget accommodation continues to be in demand.

If the expensive penthouses in difficult times, many people prefer to give up, the flat panel in high-rise buildings – is more essential items. In addition, demand for them is supported and due to the outflow of buyers from the market of elite Real Estate. According to experts, now is the correction in housing prices: buyers are slowly returning to the market in search of lucrative offers. Therefore, the best chance of success with those developers who adopted these rules. "From the mass market there is a real demand for affordable housing, – said Konstantin Kovalyov, managing partner of consulting firm Blackwood, working in real estate. – Some construction projects of business class can become viable only if you change their class to the economic. " A significant portion of the market is now the municipal building. We are talking about programs aimed at improved housing low-income families and a waiting list, as well as the resettlement of the inhabitants of dilapidated housing. Obviously, these projects will be developed further, despite all the economic turmoil.

Labour Certificate Wording

A certificate with the note looks 3 employment references must be formulated always positive and may unnecessarily complicate the career advancement the workers. It has become a “certificate code”, in the certain formulations, certain notes mean. Labour certificate formulations can be often quite confusing. Here you see an example that reflects the grade 3. Mr.

John Doe, born on the difference in Munich, a sports and fitness merchant (IHK) completed training in our House from 01.01.2008 to 31.12.2010. Mr Mustermann has undergone any training content for sports and fitness merchants during his training. His tasks included primarily the following: – the sale of fitness memberships – performing test training and equipment permits – the creation of individual training plans and customers on the training area – the storage and archiving of contracts, terminations, etc. – the preparation and sale of fitness drinks – keeping clean of work and fitness area – accepting Court bookings – the control of funds, as well as the creation of cash accounts Mr Mustermann was well aware of the importance of good customer service and exemplary implemented our care concepts. Mr Mustermann became strongly interested on all business operations and has done the tasks entrusted to him to our full satisfaction. Due to his friendly nature and his willingness to cooperate, he was popular with colleagues and superiors. For his career and his personal life path, we wish him all the best. by Hans p.