Lightworkers Children

More and more, in different materials meet information about changes to our Mother Earth – is a geological disasters, strengthening of political conflict, climate change. Helena Roerich in Agni Yoga wrote about the future of global changes on Earth and in space. In addition to shifting the earth's axis, it predicted a change in the whole spectrum of cosmic radiation to which earthlings have not adapted. CBS has many thoughts on the issue. Along with the expected appearance Representatives of the sixth race in the form of the birth of children, bringing to Earth the high spirituality and cosmic consciousness. Recently, more and more children appear, "not of this world" – small sages with amazing eyes and abilities. Early in the article "The Mystery of the capacities of children – of indigo" and "Children of crystals" already raised the issue of ordinary children.

Interesting information came to my eyes to become a healer, AV Martynov "The transition into the Aquarian age. Heavenly and earthly consequences, "where he writes:" … all the institutions of mankind obsuzhivavshie transferred to another planet, where for some time are moving soul of the fifth race. That is why there is no traditional 9 and 40 days of commemoration, and in seconds after the death of the soul, accompanied by two teachers serving on a new planet. It also provides a rigorous selection of shower, where the souls of alcoholics, drug addicts, thugs and homeless people descended virtually eliminated as a space debris. Highly spiritual, so-called Lightworkers are sent to the area of the star Arcturus, from indigo to return to Earth.

All members of the five races, that is, we live on Earth the latest incarnation. Since then stopped in the earthly incarnations of children and all children from that hour would only indigo. In the absence of further reincarnation on Earth, it is necessary to leave all the talk about karma, and the most serious way to do the formation of the inner temple of the soul. " In the same article states that a healer turned to panic the question – Where did the "other world". This psychic is always observed in case of death separation of the substance and the substrate body, and the substance continued to exist in the unmanifest (noumenal) world. Now it was seen as separated from the body or substance disappears from the observations, and often occurs bright flash, and soul, in all likelihood, simply annihilated. That is the soul that used to fall into the ordeal, now in the care simply deleted as space debris. Read more …

Brazilian People

' ' Friends and friends! All will have land, food and water in abundance in mine governo' '. David Zaslav often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Although she seems obvious, this is a futurista idea! A Metaphysical message of who while still alive believes after the death for the Brazilian poor persons! It is evident until the idea of preservation of the Amaznia to guarantee the oxygen to all here the ones that already do not have forest (ambientalistas, ONGs, foreigners, etc.) and of robbing of the inhabitants of this forest in accepting to be extinct, for the good of science. Research proves that ' pum' of Amazonian to the flour base, the stench of the armpits of the pecuaristas and whose of the cows it is that they are exterminando the ozone layer and provoking the global heating. Also the footprints of the cattle and the plantations of macaxeira are contributing for the deforestation of the biggest forest of the world. It is suggested that the inhabitants of the Legal Amaznia search alternatives in another life, therefore in the paradise will not need to create cattle, it will be stood better, one will harvest more there and, one guarantees, that poor, black and indians, all will be really equal. Already if they can foresee researchers and tourist visiting cemetaries and ruins of farms, lumber and garimpos, beyond remaining portions of huts and huts, for joy of the historians who will be able to almost show to the world the decay of the previous civilization of colonists and messengers. It has prettier thing of what this! Necessary Brazil of culture, any one! ' ' Brazilians and Brazilians, in our management the things go to move, Brazil goes to grow and the income of the poor persons goes aumentar.' ' In this in case that, it had only one simple omission of what it goes to grow in Brazil, where aspect and of that poor and that income was spoken. .

Branch Model

The fact that the concept of "love" people put different things no doubt. Psychology has long been interested in "love" does not count pages devoted to love, but that she has not ceased to be a mystery. In ancient Greek, the following terms to define the various manifestations and forms of love: Eros – a spontaneous, passionate, irrational love, obsession, seeking to complete physical possession; Branch – love, friendship, due to social connections and personal choice, rational and verifiable consciousness; storge – a quiet, safe love, tenderness, especially family. Finally, agape – selfless love, sacrifice, it is associated with full dedication and then dissolved in a loving caring for a loved one. An important source of forming the image of love in man is the experience gained in the parental home, the impact of the behavior of the father and mother, since the image of love is not limited to ideas about how to behave during sex, but largely determined by the internalized form of communication in living together with other people. Attempts to construct theoretical models of love are different claim to greater globalization.

Still, such cases are known. Differences between the models are in love estimation parameters: the optimism-pessimism. In the pessimistic model postulated weakness and imperfection of man, in an optimistic and constructive power of love. Pessimistic model proposed by L. Casler. He identifies three factors that make people fall in love: 1) the need for recognition, and 2) the satisfaction of sexual needs, and 3) a conformist response (as made).


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