Automation Of Trade

Cashier's workplace, a workplace Seller workplace Commodity, automation of trade – what does it all mean Once a reservation – it is not about supermarkets (big business – requires large investments), we are talking about small and medium-sized businesses, to individual entrepreneurs and company on simplified taxation – the small and medium business should be automated to a minimum investment, otherwise he would not soon become profitable and may not be cost-effective than ever. Why invest in automation for a large number of disparate shops or stalls Why condemn yourself for life in an expensive service and maintenance Very often watch such a picture (You have to kind of activity) – A customer buys a pos station for space-related cost and leaves happy, hoping that all his problems solved with the automation of trade A week later he comes back with square eyes mask of horror on his face, as after he put in a tax office on account of fiscal registrar pos station – learned that in fact he had nothing to automate trade and only the beginning of a great embezzlement It turns out – for the big money bought only a means for breaking through the check (POS station), and to fully automate all need: to buy a computer for a commodity specialist, to buy goods manager job, find a specialist or train itself (for a lot of money) to work on this job, find experts who set it up for normal operation (again for a decent amount), and experts still need to conclude a service contract with monthly fee of decent and gone – go automation is not something that is not profitable – but simply an effort to afford it and so wanted to do everything yourself, cheap, angry, once and for all So I wanted to be aware of all going in person, rather than looking from side to obscure the expensive automation and hope for decency goods manager, sellers and their coalition What I offer – the result of my assistance in the automation of business my friends – the same businesses as well as you, who have their main business with multiple retail outlets Now they are really the masters of his craft, can not worry about what they are cheated, can effectively plan your time for the procurement of goods and negotiate with suppliers, know all about your product, revenue and actual revenue, sales did not live at the expense of theft – it's just impossible As a rule, the basic allowance for business conduct themselves (or instruct their relatives), a special pleasure from it gets a feminine side, because now she is at such a height in front of your friends and family that they have to watch it from the bottom up. . .

New Year Celebrations

Far from around the world greeted the New Year 31 December – the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Referring to the tradition to celebrate the new year 2009, meet a lot of unusual things that do not cease to amaze. Jewish New Year was celebrated for two days, which falls in September-October, but not before September 5 and no later than October 5. Jewish New Year is called Rosh Hashanah and the first day of the celebration is the day of repentance and spiritual abstractedly, and in this day Jews have made to greet each other with the words: "May you be written and signed by a good year in the Book of Life." Occurrence of Rosh Hashanah are dressed in bright clothing and a festive table challah dipped in honey or apple. The Gregorian calendar Chinese New Year was celebrated on one day between January 21 and February 21, depending on the completion of a full cycle of the winter new moon, which comes after the winter solstice.

Each New Year has its own symbolism: one of 12 animals and one of the 5 elements. Evil spirits in the Chinese New Year banished by bright fireworks launched into the sky. For the Chinese New Year means a lot, especially for family life – it is celebrated all Chinese ethnic groups: Han, , Mongols, Liyang and others. On the first day of the year, already spring, is the awakening of nature. At the end of the day of New Year China Family always welcomes their deities, who returned from the spirit world, where they talked about how the old year has passed already.

IFA-trend: All-in-one Devices

Digital all-rounder handy, but Hulk Hanover, September 17, 2009: the IFA trend towards high-quality all-in-one device has a dark side: the use of multifunction devices in all walks of life makes them even more prone to defects. For repair without warranty coverage can be expensive quickly. Whether HDTV flat screen change with integrated receiver, refrigerator with Internet access or SmartBoard for room temperature and technique control which is budget tomorrow. The IFA products make your life easier and underscore the trend to more sophisticated technology. At the same time repairs of multifunction machines may put strain on the purse strings. The development shows in the automotive sector, that an increasing product complexity increases the demands on the workshops”, explains Johannes Schulze, Chairman of value of the product. Who spends large sums for his digital home, would long that worth the investment. Consumers should therefore in time about additional Check guarantee services. “Because the statutory warranty assumes only the cost of the rather rare cases of material, construction and workmanship.” Extended warranties, however, provide more protection for the technical infrastructure. The complete protection of value of the product covers such as damage due to mishandling or wear.