4 Myths About Customer Value

The business objective is to create and retain a customer. Much has been written about customer orientation, customer relationship management (CRM), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) metrics, Customer Centric organization models, customer retention, customer service add any high sounding word with- client, past or future that word and a new model, a new theory. Headline hit books, training seminars and even famous authors is another theory. And we see the poor customer is still the vast majority of dissatisfied (which includes all the specialists also as customers). What a manufacturer or service provider often thinks as a market or value proposition, customers respond in a diametrically different. Why is this happening? While business thinks in terms of products and derivative securities, the customer is looking for in satisfaction. Coen Brothers wanted to know more. The key question is whether all the strategy, product features, aggregation and direct creating value to customer satisfaction.

Now this may seem a bit contradictory. To illustrate let us take the example of mobile services. The companies are launching a new product that offers value every two weeks, in perspective. So the question is why does the customer keep switching to different service providers and products or packages so often, if the products are offering value. The key here is more value propositions are being put on without looking at the basics. If the value proposed gives satisfaction to customers. If not, is valuable. The customer is buying satisfaction. The best value is obtained when the client is completely satisfied with your purchase.