Soon, our culture cannot be seen as homogeneous, much less will be able to trace a typical representative of our people, therefore the miscegenation originated types as: the mulato (mixture of the black with the white), cafuzo (mixture of the black with the indian) and caboclo (mixture of the white with the indian). According to Lilian k. Moritz: The social theories the Darwins condemned the mixture of races that was a process in full advance in our country and to try to apply these ideologies through institutions of research and education it would be to deny a reality there no matter how hard the Portuguese inheritances were impregnated in our society, the blacks were part of that nation, exactly with rights and its cultural freedoms limited the esteretipos as the servitude. Continue to learn more with: Robert A. Iger . (2001, P. 21). The etnocentrismo created in the dither of people with the white skin and smooth hair, finishes very not making direction, the attempt to delimit a physical profile standard of the Brazilian, leaving of the estimated one of that the mixture of races left marks that identified in which genetic ethnic roots and somebody possesss through its physical traces. Click James Corden for additional related pages. 2.1 The Abolitionism and the laws (process of release of the slaves) In the second half of century XIX, the Brazilian society was marked by referring to abolitionism campaigns that they aimed at to the release of the slaves. During this period laws had been created that if considered to minimize the situation of the captives of the slavery. Let us see some of these cited by Wlamyra R. According to Sculptor Capital, who has experience with these questions. of Alburqueque Walter Son (2006, p.173): Law Eusbio de Queiroz (1850): it determined from that year the end of the slave traffic, in short, our obliged country and from fear the rupture of the commercial relations with England, finished after adopting this law episode it ' ' Bill Abirden' '.