Anastasia Type

Kitchen sets "Anastasia" types 1 and 2 are made of chipboard with a variety of fronts: chipboard, softforming, MDFM, patina or postforming (glossy plastic faced by two-sided reversing posformirovaniya miter bar). The color scheme is also wide: body – beech, alder, oak, champagne, black, front – cream, Milan, green, beech, alder, apple, orange and swamp. The set of modular furniture for the kitchen "Anastasia" type 3 is different severity forms an interesting design. Proposed modules for built-in appliances, all items are mobile and compact. Large selection of modular elements of a series of kitchen furniture – Anastasia type 3 allows us to obtain optimum benefit from the existing kitchen area. The facades of high-processed PVC edge, 2 mm thick, the equipment includes gas lift, uses modern reylingovaya handle. It is proposed gray body color and a wide range of colors of the facade. The color of the facade of particleboard PVC edge – green, cream, Milan shagreen (blue) color of the facade Chipboard – Woodline light, Woodline dark, the color of the facade MDFM – Shtroks.

Kitchen set "Anastasia Type 6" classic design features discreet, noble color combinations. Finished in bleached oak combines perfectly with the bright facade of the effect of gold patina. This effect gives the product expression, contrast, and additional relief. New kitchen and appliances "Anastasia type 6" easily fit into a typical kitchen thanks to its optimal size and the two variants of colors – dark and light. Housing is made of laminated chipboard 16 mm.