Bob Proctor

Yes well as I said on that date (article 44) started taking the Bull by the horns, was in reality during the first articles that I was born that great desire to give lectures around the world. Now we stop a moment and look at these 3 last subparagraphs: at the beginning I had desire to give lectures, but obviously my conscious mind competing against my desires (through our Ego enemy) and sent me negative thoughts, telling me: how are you going to give lectures with having only written 5 or 10 articles; why someone would go to listen to your lectures and pay a high price for this when there are other authors already known and exalted making years that they are doing this, such as for example Bob Proctor at the global level or as Dr. Roberto Bonomi in Argentina. That is to say even though I had all the enthusiasm, yet I didn’t have full faith. Now to explain this, I will do a series of questions and answers: how nurture faith?: by creating positive thoughts. How we create positive thoughts and then as we make them grow?: by means of set a goal and be persevering in it we are evacuating the first part of the question; While the second part is answered by saying that positive thoughts grow to go forward on the road to the goal. And what was the result in my case, advance on the way of my goal? Than I am today, 60 articles after I started in the way of writing about the law of attraction, I consider myself: able and won right of lecturing on this subject anywhere in the world. Attention!, when I say capable is in the classic sense of the word, although in most cases this interpretation also fit you. When I am saying being able to, it is the feeling that one has that has the will and what is the main thing, the belief that you can do it.