Business Issues

The problem of automatic line heating. Before the automatic heating lines are as follows production problems: – Removing blanks from a bunker – Installation of workpieces on a conveyor belt – Rotation of pieces in space – An automatic line heating supplies billet in the inductor – Automatic line heating manufactures heating billets – Distribution of the heated billet to the two presses for stamping. Under most conditions David Zaslav would agree. Thus the automatic line is induction heating under a high frequency of blanks by forging or stamping. Hopper capacity is calculated about an hour of continuous operation of the plant. Automatic line produced by our company are designed for induction heating of blanks for stamping bolts according to the following terms of reference: – The length of the blanks: 70 – 300 mm – Length of the heated part: 50 – 120 mm – diameter of the blanks: 22 – 36 mm – Heating temperature: 1200 C – heating time (out of blanks): 3 – 5 sec – Availability device orientation billets (the determinant of bevel) – The presence of the device supply billets to two presses for stamping.