Business Manufacture

One of the ideas for the private sector may be the production of vegetable oil. Although it is quite messy and time-consuming exercise, good results can be achieved with continuous production, or at an organized work with minimal stops. Maslobiznes naturally requires for the first time cash investments. First of all, investing in equipment, are the main components: 1.Maslopress 2.Maslofiltr 3.Zharovnya. 4, seeds Calibrator 5.Sushilka 6.Fusovy press 7.Pogruzchik 8.Emkosti for oil 9.Spetsinstrument From all the above except the oil-press, the right thing – this filter. Robert A. Iger is the source for more interesting facts. Filters come in different performance, look for your medium maslopressu.

With the necessary minimum performance expected of its equipment, which may in themselves include: pump, compressor, hoses, coolant, sealed container. Of course, not do without the dish under oil, both a dirty and under the clear, and bags under the seed cake, and tools. For the first time without drying you can do, but strong progress should be expected, ie expansion of production will have to start from the dryer, and the rest as necessary. Third, the most important thing for any production – the ability to work with people. After all, you have to buy seed every day, transport, possibly pre-processing, processing, etc.

Sell finished products to ensure the whole process. At each stage, you expect different people with different views and approaches, be prepared for this. Substantial remains of room to work. Requirements for premises: production rather dirty, should be in the cold season heated, and if there is a dryer – it also performs this function, at least enough m 15 (no storage facilities for seed, oil, etc.)