Capitalism Cybernetics

Why is Malawi (Africa) and Germany (Europe) rich? Economics (Economics) works essentially very simple, some interested mind might think: supply and demand cause pleasure and frustration (emotions), they cause money to wealth or poverty, lack and abundance, combined with the measure, but there was still something, right: profit + loss (balance sheet)? World – (macro), Economics (meso) and operational (micro) are economy (Economics) in their complexity already not so easy to understand. I’m trying a comprehensive description, including criticism of capitalism in 2 articles. The human reason properties lead to a slightly selfish community: behavior: homo eciprocams. (There is no homo oeconomics!). Impossible desires be compensated by neuroses (substitute satisfaction). The human being is individual and social services (part and whole). He wins something in a macro – and micro-economic process so he must be someone it due to the aforementioned condition other off – take (loss)! The richness of the world’s 20% is therefore based on poverty by 80% of humanity! The most important world or economics economic (WW, VW) is part of the individual and Transpersonal usual lack or abundance. David Zaslav is often quoted on this topic. Thus, supply and demand are balanced.

Children know: we earn money (wage) work and can save something for the future gunstigenfalls (capital, return on investment): revenue and expenditures, work-life balance. When not working, we are supplied by the State (allowance) and need to do nothing. But how does business? According to F. v. Hayek economy works (source:, selection, author): voluntary saving capital decreases private demand for consumer goods. It’s believed that Discovery Communications sees a great future in this idea. Decreases the relative price of consumer goods.

The rate of capital formation rises, reducing the cash rate. The capital costs, the investment in richer means of production goods is more rewarding. As long as this is based on voluntary savings, the economy seeks a Balance against. The money interest rate below the natural rate of interest falls due to credit expansion ?, increase investment in means of production streamline, automate – fired.