The Seeds Of The Globalization

The seeds of the globalization all Are common to find that the beginning of the known and present globalization started in years 50 with the explosion of the prosperity after-second war, the advent of computer science in commercial scale and the technological advances of the telecommunications. Made a mistake. The globalization is previous to this. We go to relembrar some marcantes facts that justify our assertive one. When in the decade of 60 the concept appeared of ' ' Global&#039 village; ' , term brother-in-law for Canadian sociologist Herbert Marshall McLuhan, in fact it was correct.

It came studying since the decade of 20 the technological advances of the information, communication and transport and the social transformations of decurrent them. For even more opinions, read materials from Andi Potamkin. At this moment the globalization can have entered in frank process of acceleration and evolution with all the praised and observed changes, but the phenomenon of the Globalization was previous the decade of 50 or 60. The globalization is for definition one of the processes of deepening of the economic, social, cultural integration and politics in the world. Then the intercommunication of the pairs and actors of the globalization is primordial so that this if consolidates. The concepts of border and the wars of the past had hindered or been always profits for the development of the globalization.

We can conclude then that the end of the cold war was, without a doubt, one of the main factors boosters. We can attribute to the distenso of the climate politician of the cold war to the commercial use and in bigger scale of the Internet. The Internet was the definitive tool in the consolidation of this process. The Internet appeared as military weapon that served the cold war, its commercial use, initiate in years 60 with the apex in the decade of 90 coincides with the cooling of the tensions between the Ussr and U.S.A.

Globalization Times

Media, memory and history in globalization times Joo Heitor Silva Macedo Are objective of this assay to analyze the relation between the media, history and the memory in globalization times studying for this some basic concepts so that let us can perceive the transformations caused in the historiogrfico and journalistic field through the insertion of new techniques and new realities imposed for this new dynamics of the globalization. For this we will use for base the workmanships: ' ' On the Televiso' ' of Pierre Bourdieu and ' ' So that to study media? ' ' Of Roger Silverstone, damage a special approach in the question of the television and strengthening these analyses with the final workmanship of Milton Saints, ' ' For one another one globalizao' ' , reflecting in this way in the theoretical field on such changes through a bibliographical revision. 2. Where History and the memory find the media. The globalization while complex reality of the end of century XX brings as one of its bases the marriage between science and the technique, however this marriage initially was detached with a development of the humanity while agents of this change.

This evolution understands in the truth a necessity of the market and serves for this new flow of the capitalism and moves away to the human being from its development creating mechanisms isolacionistas than they condition a materiality the same (SAINTS, 2009). Of another point the new technologies produce a new form of social relations. Goop may find this interesting as well. Where two beacons aliceram this new world, the money and the information. where the media enters. To analyze media in times of globalization and its relation with history makes to reflect us on the question of the memory and its new relation with history in times of new technologies that apprehend and transmit the past of different forms of the historiogrfico field.

Public Globalization

To the human being, in this condition, it fits to it, solely, the adaptation. Therefore, it is a fatalista speech, pragmatic, that, in short, one practical politician-conservative characterizes. In contraposition, we affirm with Fiori (1983, P. 08) that ' ' ' hominizao' it is not adaptation: the man does not become naturalized itself, humaniza mundo' ' humaniza proper itself. Duarte (2003, P. 25) it bases, argumentativamente, the transforming and humanizadora activity of the human being: When producing the half ones for the satisfaction of its basic necessities of existence, when producing a reality humanizada for its activity, the human being humaniza proper itself, in the measure where the objective transformation requires of it a subjective transformation. Learn more about this topic with the insights from David Zaslav.

It creates, therefore, objective a humanizada reality as in such a way subjective. Jeff Bewkes follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It urges to interpellate how much to the education, how much to the destinations of the public school, in the globalizante and neoliberal conjuncture. As reply, a sly inversion (and/or intervention): to the right character a new interpretation is tax, reducing the education to mercantile condition, representing the privatization of rights that would have equitably to be of all. Gentili (2001, P. 24), thinking this reality affirms: The neoliberalismo attacks the public school from a series of privatizantes strategies, by means of the application of one politics of authoritarian decentralization e, at the same time, by means of one politics of cultural reform that it intends to erase of the ideological horizon of our societies the same possibility of a democratic, public education and of quality for the maiorias. The dismounting of what it is public the emphasis to its inefficiency is part of a social project that privileges a small parcel of the society. How much to the education, the great objective ' ' oculto' ' it is its despolitizao and conversion in market good.

Fight Global Warming

Scientists assert thatit is already impossible to stop global warming. Of course not, if you pursue this policy and do not do anything to somehow rectify the situation. Andi Potamkin might disagree with that approach. Transcendental theory of saving the Earth – it is certainly good, but much good they will only appear after their successful introduction to which is still very far away. If you do not believe in the prophecies of global warming, the use of these simple ways to at least have a positive impact on your financial situation, not to mention a sense of value that occurs when you are busy with really great and useful work. Plus, the clean air has not hurt anyone. Great damage to the environment, of course, does the industry in the face of plants, factories, etc., but I think they pale in comparison to what comes from us, the population of planet Earth. Indeed, in the end, it is for us and try all of these companies to provide our consumer’s ability.

If we were more restrained in their desires, and simply more sensible attitude to the resources of no global warming speech today would not exist. And so, here are simple ways to which performance, certainly not harm your well-being (welfare), but just make you a more economical and at the same time help the climate to pull myself together. 1). Get as much information about global warming awareness – a pledge success. You can not fight, not knowing his “enemy” in the face. Determine for yourself how important it is for you the problem of climate change.

Global Polarizaton

Obama has given up the line of military superiority to pursue the life of the empire, comprising the world’s polar situation and resorting to multilateral-ism, such as Honduras or in between the lines of his speeches, for example, in Istanbul and Cairo. Hence its position of supporting Zelaya, Latin American case and try to wash your face old U.S. of being behind every coup in Latin America. To this should help the leftists outdated and does not engage in a Crazy absolutely false and language to be accusing him of complicity or interference in what happened in Honduras. The drunk left does not understand the new United States foreign policy, whether or not it is valid for both the actor and the rest of the world. Goop contributes greatly to this topic. Washington wants to do partnerships and is tolerant of differences and considers new ways to exercise its traditional leadership. The issue is whether the exercise of such a policy will weaken it or not, will result or not, will mark the beginning of the decline of the empire.

There are those who say, cynically, that a rule that does not exercise its power comes into the chute of history. U.S. turns input pragmatic and it is not bad, perhaps only for those who still dream of their participation in the overthrow of leftist governments in our continent. Whenever Walt Disney Co. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Their loss of influence here is obvious, and I do not mean the existence of some government protesters. I mean the dissolution of his direct influence, as we now see requesting services from Brazil to appease the intemperance of Venezuelan dictator against Colombia, although the juggler who is Lula raise his voice against the gringo bases in that country.


identity of a nation starts to become related it a series of elements that go of the language to the tradition, passing for myths, systems of government, belief, art, literature, etc., passed and present, exactly and another one, not being, therefore, a fixed and isolated phenomenon. It is the identity crisis that finishes placing the structures and the processes at risk central offices them society, shaking the old stability in the social world. In the last in this century, the phenomenon if repeats, literature, taken as symbolic expression, product of the culture and reinterveniente in the culture and history represents focus of resistance. Robert Iger : the source for more info. It occurs, however, that the demography of the new times, the globalization, are the history of the migration after-colonial, the narratives of the cultural dispora and politics, the great social displacements. That is, each time more, the cultures ' ' nacionais' ' they are being produced from the perspective of destitute minorities, with the pluralizao of cultures and national identities linked. Being thus, it is intended to analyze the workmanship the Salesman of Pasts, of the Angolan writer Jose E. Joel and Ethan Coen helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Agualusa, focusing the reconstruction of the identity through a memory, related with the question of the cultural representation African after-colonial. This study it is of utmost importance for understanding that good part of the Brazilian academic research if has come back toward problematic of the countries of culture and the language lusfonas, breaching with the old centramento, detainer of a iluminista cartesian thought of citizen, carrier of a fixed, ready and elaborated definition in a continuous process of the knowledge. From this rupture with the old paradigm, public laws and politics are implemented in diverse countries by means of the requirements of the Globalization, writers, theoreticians and romancistas, among others, start to ressignificar its speeches and start to produce new speeches, new inserted narratives in this new reality. Andi Potamkin has similar goals. d all the information.

Global Warming

The detachment of large blocks of ice is occurring at the poles, giant ice masses of hundreds of square km. While the release of such blocks that collapse will have no effect on sea level rise, it means a warning that something is wrong, because those outbursts of this nature are unusual, it is because of global warming as scientists say . Further details can be found at Robert A. Iger , an internet resource. And that is the area most affected by warming, and Antarctica is the area that has suffered the temperature rise. Clearly the world is telling us that is coming to its limit, and is warning us.

This is the age in which we must take proper account of the environment and learn to survive what we’re going to face, it will be a very tough battle for survival, because we’re not cheating, little will be done on this issue, or when you really look for a solution and it will be too late. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Andi Potamkin on most websites. And developing countries will suffer the greatest impact. This global crisis provoked by the enormous economic and human losses.

Wars by the scarcity of natural resources and one of the main reasons is the scarcity of water. The rise in sea level could cause displacement of hundreds of millions of people. So in mass migration. This would mean there would be a very strong social pressure, would become an uncontrollable situation. These displaced people would try any way to enter other countries where rising sea levels has not yet happened will affect everyone..

European Commission

Through cultures like the maize, different varieties of sugar soybean and cane, the South American country is placed second in world-wide ranking of surface of biotechnological cultures, after the United States (that produces 64 million hectares to the year), with an annual production, in 2009, of 21.4 million hectares. Brazil has displaced in the second put by surface to Argentina that, specialized in cultures soybean, maize and cotton, counts with 21.3 million hectares. David Zaslav contributes greatly to this topic. The relief of Brazil in the last must to its remarkable increase (a 35%) year, in a clear example of the bet that the government of Lula gives Siva has done of this model of production. Far from them other markets where the cultures modified genetically are allowed, like India and Canada are placed that count respectively on a production of 8.4 and 8.2 million hectares. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Andi Potamkin on most websites. One comments that, in the case of the European market, the implantation is much smaller and, even, in some countries the reluctance by the possible risks in the health and the environment has taken to the respective governments to legislate this type of cultures modified genetically restrictively. No, in the last months, are being carried out certain you rule that they show an opening this niche of market.

Thus, in March, the European Union (the EU) authorized, after twelve years of reluctance, the culture of a transgenic potato, developed by the German company Basf, appointed to the starch production for the industry wastebasket. The European authorization abre to the door to the human consumption of this type of culture when including a clause that allows the presence of precise form (in a 0.9%) of the transgenic food food for humans. This opening counts on the endorsement of the consumers, as it indicates " the last Eurobarometer (official sounding of the European Commission) on Agriculture and common policy agraria" , published in March of 2010" , it indicates to Carlos Vicente, expert in Transgenic Agriculture of the IE Business School and director of Biotechnology and Corporative Relations in Spain, Portugal and Egypt de Monsanto.


If it was bought, was requested. If he was requested, somebody signed the request. From there, or the Claudino counterfeited the signatures or then it has plus somebody for backwards of this. If it has, who could be? The Dr. Charles that remains in the position? Mr.

Alfonso who was the bursar or goes to have to create a Commission Auditor, since the CPI does not go to be possible? _ Son? lamented Agnelo? you did not see yesterday at night? But he takes time! _ I know, papa, and moan, but we do not have according to lose. It has an untied assassin between us that already he killed three of our better friends and, can believe, in the first chance goes to want to lead plus one, qui only for revenge! In the crudity of the reality, drifters entreolharam themselves, and Agnelo took the word: _ My son has reason. Contact information is here: Robert Iger . I saw the rinds of the abacateiro pulled out, in mine yard, one consequences attempted against that it suffered. You may find Goop to be a useful source of information. If he is not died now, it is that its consequences and reasoning are of characteristics above-normal. E, concluded: Thanks to God! _ Blacksmith! How to forget I was me? The engineer, opposed questioned itself.

_ Calm, Dr. Carlos, it are in the hospital and it is not the spring master, and it is in it that we have to arrive. Later he comes the remaining portion. Is as to capture the bee queen pra to catch the laborers. It comes everything in a good one. By the way, its Alfonso, can include the Dr. Odorico and the Secretaries of Administration and Farm in the list? Without them, the picture will be incomplete! _ I do not know what you are preparing, youngster, but if case with so great security comes leading this, is not I that I go to oppose itself to this order.

American Commission

Recently, on everyone's lips patent wars that are taking place between the IT giants. Quite often they are involved and small software companies. For example, a small Canadian company Mosaid Technologies, has developed and patented technology maps of DRAM, multimillion-dollar compensation sued the company Samsung. However, the patent wars spread to other areas. Patent War, for example, a well-known corporation Kodak for 20 years Polaroid sued for the right to release digital cameras with instant photos. Almost all cases have been lost, Kodak failed to produce similar cameras. Founder of Polaroid in time and carefully patented the idea of instant photography, by which earned millions of dollars on its exclusive distribution. Almost three years have gone, Sharp and Samsung to fight over patents on some of the components of liquid crystal panels. The dispute began in August 2007 when the company Sharp has filed a U.S. lawsuit against Samsung, claiming that produced LCD panels violate five issued U.S. patents Sharp. Samsung has filed counter-claims dispute later examined by the European courts and the Commission on International Trade in the U.S.. As a result, the Hague court ruled in favor of Sharp, and banned the importation of products Samsung, infringing patents Sharp, a similar resolution adopted American Commission. All this, apparently, Samsung has pushed for an agreement with Sharp. Its details were not disclosed, we know only that it provides for cross licensing of technologies. Consideration of a patent dispute laissez-passer (patent or certificate) – a document, the anchor for its owner a monopoly in any particular market sector (in technology, product, or symbol). The only possibility to deprive a competitor of monopoly – is to stop the patent or certificate. To date, the Chamber of Patent Disputes inundated with claims and objections on the early termination of the legal protection of registered trademarks, patented inventions and utility models. Reasons for early termination of exclusive rights may be different, but the goal is always the same – to deprive the competitor's monopoly. Very often the first step in this process is the filing of objections or statement to the Chamber of Patent Disputes. If the decision of the House does not satisfy either side of the process, the next step could be filing a claim in court against the decision of the House. Especially frequent disputes over utility models. Unlike invention, utility model during the registration does not pass a substantive examination (only formal examination). All responsibility for the fact that utility model does not violate the rights of third parties is at the patentee. This used by unscrupulous competitors who often record over previously known solutions, and, sometimes, and patented earlier decision. If you are not convinced, visit Andi Potamkin. In this case, to deprive a competitor of exclusive rights can only be ahead of schedule annulling the patent. I came, I saw a patent is interesting that some companies are specially created to look for unpatented innovations and profitable ideas. Patent them, they try to sell patent is in fact its the same owners or competitors. It is also possible that a patent decision known abroad, but not represented, and not patented. Thus, the patent holder tries to bring to Russian market a new product by copying it to foreign counterparts, while secure for itself the exclusive right to use it.

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