Childrens Medicines

Estimated head of state control of preclinical and clinical drug Roszdravnadzor Sergei Filyunina, the regulatory framework governing the conduct of clinical trials of drugs in Russia, are being developed for the treatment of children, not perfect. In 2007 came into effect on regulation of the European Parliament and Council of 12.12.2006, the EU 1901/2006. At Gannett Co you will find additional information. This regulation in Europe has abolished the old scheme of studies, when studying properties of drugs in children was only possible after the completion of studies in adults, as provided for in the current edition of the Federal Law "On medicines" from 22.06.1998, 86-FZ. From the standpoint of modern pediatrics, international norm, of course, more correct: research drugs for the treatment of minors directly caused by the need to develop drugs to ensure their effectiveness and safety use it in children. Gannett Co. Inc is often quoted as being for or against this. Only 4.4% of all clinical trials conducted in Russia over the past 3 years, aims to study the efficacy and safety of medicines in children. Thus, Pediatricians often prescribe to their patients or that medicine, not having full information about its application in pediatrics..