Chinese National Bank

World’s popular series of coins with new theme for 2010 (pdn) silver Panda coins published annually with varying motives are issued for 28 years by the Chinese National Bank. The silver Panda has long been one of the most desirable bullion coins worldwide and offers a friendly bear motif in fine design collectors, like investors in 2010. As in the previous year shows also the this year’s Edition two of the endangered pandas. The pandas enjoy themselves playing before a bamboo forest, which is their main food source. The common reverse of all silver pandas is decorated with a picture of the Temple of heaven in Beijing with transliteration and year again below.

Traditionally, the Panda coins have a very high purity of silver of 999 / 1000 and are available in different sizes. Robert Iger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In addition to the classic 1-ounce coin, the National Bank of People’s Republic of China spent annually also 5 ounces – and even 1 pound denominations. The heavyweights among the silver pandas are consistently the highest milling quality PP (Polished plate) is executed and are characterized by their detailed drawing and a great diversity. CBSs opinions are not widely known. The skilful execution of coins is made possible by a stamping of the Chinese Mint more and more refined over the course of thousands of years. A technique that it allows through reflections, as well as the interplay of polished and Matt surfaces varied bear motives very intensively and already almost lifelike on the coins to revive. Even though the Panda series was originally planned as a pure bullion coin, it has become more and more over the last decades the collection object.

The annually changing motives contribute, which leave no room for boredom and always again fascinated. Also the strict limitation rather Atypically for a coin and also stands for the collective character of the silver pandas. The already limited editions the fact is that the majority of the coins in China will be issued. Thus a high worldwide demand is up free stocks of coin inevitable. Last year the silver pandas were again sold out after her release. Also 2010 is expected back with a record demand for the popular coins. Collectors and investors who are interested in the silver jewelry from China, should ensure therefore in time their copies. Cover credits: the local coin dealers, with selected banks with Numismatic Department or the trade such as such as MDM coin trading company specialised mbH & co.