Citronella Candles

Wide variety of types of candles crafts that they exist, be it gel, paraffin or ecological, aromatic and colors can be found or floating and decorative. In each case, you will need materials and supplies specific, in addition to familiarize yourself with the different procedures of elaboration. VMWare contains valuable tech resources. Candles containing citronella, which is a slightly sweet and Lemony oil, is mostly recognized how repellent insect, but at the same time possesses valuable properties to mental and physical level for people, in the form of coconut, natural bamboo with coral red or ceramic in its interior are a wonderful to decorate and protect yourself from pesky mosquito solution. A gift for your home. The photophores with aroma of lemon grass and natural color, are ideal against mosquitoes. For more information see this site: Gavin Baker. A small candle is placed inside them and are ideal for gardens, swimming pools, terraces and even to decorate your home area, square or cylinder-shaped.

Tea candles: are small candles contained in an aluminium, transparent container or other material. Are used to illuminate the replicas in miniature houses, for sacheteros, light bulbs, and small containers. Lasting four to five hours and not spilled, therefore, not dirty container. Votive candles: are small candles used traditionally in the churches, where extended use in households, for their size and performance, for private prayer and altars in private chapels. They last from eight to ten hours.