Climates of the globe by air temperature (annual average and the July isotherms) can be divided into four climatic zones. Climates of snow and forests occupy 65% of the entire Russian territory. The climate of the taiga – Continental. The temperature of the coldest month to -38, the average temperature of the four summer months, higher than +10 . Winters are harsh, usually cloudless, accompanied by a clear, calm weather conditions and, accordingly, no fever. Summers are warm and sufficiently moist.

Continental character of climate deciduous temperate forests are not so clearly defined, as the climate of the taiga. Fluctuations in temperature is less. Winters are not as severe, but they differ a powerful snow cover. Summer long enough, and the precipitation. A common feature of the climate of coniferous and deciduous forests is the cool air with high relative humidity, with a slight motion of his. It is clean, well an opportunity to clean the pads on the equipment for cleaning pads.

Forest and resorts (especially in the dry pine forest) are an excellent place for treatment and recuperation. Dry climates. Steppe climate – the climate is continental with low precipitation. Desert climate characterized by extreme lack of rainfall, sparse vegetation and shifting sands. Dry steppe and desert climates differ large fluctuations in temperature, dry air and high winds, bringing a lot of dust. In the hottest hours of the day physical work is hard and exhausting. TB patients on a climate effect unfavorable. To combat the negative qualities of dry climates, extensive activities on irrigation and irrigation of large areas, winds blowing from the continents.