CONET Is Portal

The Web site for the fulfilment of the EU services directive is based on the CONET Media Suite and bundles access to a variety of service offerings Hennef, September 15, 2010. On behalf of the city of Bochum, the Hennefer CONET Solutions GmbH has the information portal of points of single contact Mittleres Ruhrgebiet”, implemented under the Internet address is reachable. Contracting, including cities and municipalities, are required by the services directive of the European Union to make accessible certain basic information service providers and recipients via a so-called points of single contact (EA) since late 2009. EA is headquartered in the economic development of the city of Bochum, which, in turn, commissioned CONET to the realization of the new Web presence for the area of Mittleres Ruhrgebiet”with the district-free cities of Bochum, Bottrop, Gelsenkirchen, Hagen, and Herne and Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis with its district towns. (A valuable related resource: Joel and Ethan Coen ). CONET implemented that Information portal on the basis of its Web content management product family CONET Media Suite. Also integrated the Hennefer Web specialists about targeted bridge applications, so-called Servlets and Web services defined the content of other websites like the Verwaltungssuchmaschine NRW, the central information database for services of the KDVZ Citkomm and the Info Center, business registration NRW in the presentation and search of the EA pages. With the new portal, we not only satisfy the legal requirements, but to meet the objective of a central access to diverse information for business and public”, explains Thomas Seling, IT project manager at the city of Bochum. Thus we significantly increase the service for companies in our region, because EA is used as a supporting link for carrying out procedures, so can contact companies alone to the EA and largely eliminates the additional contact to other agencies or departments can.”.