Deutsche Bahn

Also here which train recalls a perfect little beautiful advertising, Image you want to add. But discriminated against students and not wheelchair-accessible platforms and trains not even everything that is so very different from this. Still a final scene, which I have experienced at the Deutsche Bahn: A student stands at the station desk and tells them their ticket printed out while, their certificate of study but only on the phone ready, whether it is sufficient if an inspector comes. The man behind the counter several times assures her that it is totally sufficient and it will go into their train. There comes a checker, which asks them for their ticket after some stops.

She reveals she and to open the PDF, which shows their study certificate on their mobile phone. The conductor looks him first a little confused until he understands that she opens the document required to ride on her cell phone. “He says instantly, as learned by heart without thinking big: tickets must be in printed form.” As they him then explained that she had gone to the switch extra and asked for multiple times have, he repeated his words only and requires their disclosure, with the comment that she must pay 40 euro. Slightly annoyed was she refused to show their identity card and repeated that you assured, that she should also show their degree certificate. No matter, their words are the controller, he would like to see their identification, otherwise, he should call the police.

She refuses to continue, whereupon he starts to come back after a few minutes with a colleague. At the next stop, the student with the two must alight and there wait for the police. I don’t know what further happened, unfortunately. The only thing I’ve noticed is that communication within the employees of Deutsche Bahn is as tenuous as the courtesy of many controllers. Conclusion, one can say that the pictures, which you can see in advertising, apply to may as the Deutsche Bahn AG, but only in rare moments and only then, if lucky passengers, which you can see neither disciples are still students still physically disabled. By Nice and friendly style, which they want to convince us on television, you feel just so if you by chance belongs to the group, which not, whether intentionally or not I leave open, will be disadvantaged by the Deutsche Bahn.