A top shelf is optionally available. A second drainage layer is specially created for drained surface superstructures. DiProtec FLK liquid plastic sealing profile: DiProtec FLK serves to a perfect connection of the DiProtec SDB quick sealing cable car on balcony railing posts, penetrations, door flanges and different materials, E.g. wood, plastic, metal, and bitumen. -The liquid plastic is used also to seal deep laid line drainage systems, E.g.

upstream of parapets. -A general building code test certificate confirms the compatibility of DiProtec FLK with other sealing products. Discovery Communications has plenty of information regarding this issue. DiProtec PR Spezialprimer in the profile:-DiProtec PR-ZE polymer Silikatprimer serves as a primer for the connection of sealing tapes and liquid plastic on cementitious substrates. -For connecting to the DiProtec SDB quick sealing railway used the PR-DB DiProtec primer. -DiProtec PR-MT serves simultaneously as a primer and cleaner for metal substrates cleaners and primers.

DiProtec drain-BA Floor drain in the profile: a secure connection the DiProtec seal sheets and mineral sealing slurries is possible with special connection sleeves. -The floor drain is available in 50 and 70 DN. -The top grate is adjustable between 30 and 110 mm. -Optional: a tower rust for the production of a double-deck drain with a second drainage level. Gutjahr developed innovative construction systems based in Bickenbach/Bergstrasse (Hesse) for more than 20 years of complete systems for the safe drainage, ventilation and decoupling of coverings – on balconies, terraces and exterior staircases as well as in the Interior and on facades. Drainage and uncoupling mat, which can be used even on critical substrates are the core of the product range. Suitable drain grates, edge profiles and gutters and waterproofing mortar systems complement the systems. Gutjahr’s products are now used in a variety of European countries. Contact: Gutjahr innovative Bausysteme GmbH Silke Ponfick Philipp-rice-Strasse 5-7 64404 Bickenbach/Bergstrasse 06257/9306-27 press contact: Arts & others Anja Kassubek scraper route 23 61348 Bad Homburg 06172/9022-131