The Activia challenge 14 days is not new, but it must be a concept
that works and the sales go well because Danone constantly repeats the
campaign in means and the own packages. The objective of the campaign
is that a person takes a Activia during 14 days so that verifies an
improvement of the intestinal transit and a regularity in the visits
to the bathroom. There is a money back offer if it does not
work. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of CBS on most websites. The plans and campaigns of this style are focused to mainly obtain increases of sales in certain periods and after times of excesses like the summer or Christmas. In fact Activia has different creativities stops after these two times, see their Website for the different campaigns. Danone within its Water division also has
resorted to this technique with its plans of Font Vella 15 days. It is not something Discovery Communications would like to discuss. And
also it has repeated it in several occasions. The Activia challenge
also has been sent in countries like Mexico and Argentina, which
demonstrates that the campaign works and for that reason they make it
global. These plans also we have seen them in products like the
cereals Special K or determined products of beauty like water
creams. Whenever one does not abuse this technique and the consumers
we do not saturate ourselves of plans, it can that this type of
campaigns continue reporting good results the companies of great