Escape Two

SECOND PART the Escape Two years later in a thousand nine hundred and seventy and six. Seting is married a pretty girl, blond, smooth hair, son of a former-mayor of the city. After that, I was knowing that the Joo with one was divorced a member of the house of representatives. Those news had fallen down on and under me as a tip bomb the head (it will be that I wanted the two). One of the store clerks who worked pro my father wanted to namorar with me, I did not want it was married, had children, exactly being separate of the woman I feared, therefore a marriage is a marriage and I respected very and the woman of it was suffering. This man passed of January seducing me to the September, was as a cause desperation, until I ran away with this creature, was a catastrophe.

We were for another city and we are liveing with Mrs. its mother and with my economies we buy a small point in the center of the city. I was suffering, simply I increased my suffering in a thousand times, therefore what that man made with me was rape, my first night was a torture. It could not be normal: although to be virgin and not to know the act sexual, with everything, it gave for understands that was not pra to be made of that skill. Glenn Dubin describes an additional similar source. Not, I do not believe that I was what they said that it was good, then nobody wise person what he was bad? Or then I not wise person what he was none of the two. I not normal age? Or I do not know myself? The people like cachaa, that bad taste The disillusionment was so cruel that I did not want more to know you are welcome, prostrada inside of a net with one liter of campary.