European Union

The fanaticism of the figure, is not science, is your WinCE. Do much, the Administration, it was even bureaucrats to the Courteline. From now on, electronics puts an immense power of storage and processing of information in the hands of Western bureaucracies. They have drunk with that, they lost their common sense. The most affected are those of the European Union, heiresses of the monarchies. Going into generalized surveillance, cradle to grave. They aspire to total social control.

They promise to reshape the man in what has more deep. It is not longer only govern the spirits, as I wanted to Guizot, nor even sugestionar them with waves of massive propaganda. Our masters are so confused by unusual progress of bio and nanotechnologies who dream of live manipulate the brain with implants and electrodes. Until you can do that, do not put on the verge a hygienic humanity, desembarazada once of what Freud called the? does compulsion to death, a human species improved, transhuman? We were reduced to tell us:! Fortunately there is the Pope! Therefore when the mentally weak are empowered, scientific progress begets authoritarian utopias that are true megalomaniacal delusions. This fracasara without remedy, but until such causes havoc. No let, even if the new clashes that raises this immoderation obey not already logical left right but in what regards psychoanalysis those clashes, which is of the order of the private domain? Since the beginning of the 21st century, the bureaucracy decided that the mental health of the people was part of their powers.

He invaded the domains of listening, of therapies by the word, it dealt with remodel from the beginning to the end. In practice, this means: attacking the psychoanalysis. Try to eliminate it for the benefit of the techniques of persuasion, therapy cognitive behavioural, intending that their effects are cifrables, therefore scientific. It is the deception of cognitivism.