Excellence ISO

The problem of quality people are always worried. Archimedes discovered his law was to try to verify that the product (the Crown governor) declared by the manufacturer specifications ("made of pure gold!"). But this ancient expertise, while effectively caught jeweler in the fraud, was only a "first sign" of the coming struggle of humanity for the high (and single!) standard. She was well known, with varying success and aroused fierce controversy, not only industrialists and lawyers, and philosophers. This grave problem bothered to even the great Hegel, issuing the descendants of the profound statement: "Quality is first and foremost being identical with certainty, so that something ceases to be what it is when it loses its quality. Jeffrey L. Bewkes may help you with your research. " Is that true in terms of philosophical science – let the debate its adherents. In practice, attempts to create a system acceptable to all the general quality assessment have appeared relatively recently – in the middle of last century. They were caused by the emergence of a global division of labor, when set, say, a German car can be produced in Italy, Poland or even China.

Endless visits of experts for the reception of each consignment was inconvenient, expensive and take up a lot of time. That is to simplify the procedure and developed the first special standards, setting out some basic requirements for the supplier to be met by an overwhelming majority of consumers. Subsequently, these standards have now familiar name – "Standards for quality systems." iso 9000 – world domination Quality It is obvious that with the acceleration of progress increasingly complex equipment required an equally complex process of production.