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Are the Olympics for Brazil important? 6 October 2009 they will be the games in South America, it was the sentence of Lula that resonated more in these last hours.For the first time in history, the Olympic Games pisaran Latin American lands. Who it imagined 20 years ago! Related exhultante the website O Globo. Last Friday we emocionabamos watching the President of Brazil, Luiz Lula da Silva and can not hide the immense joy and satisfaction that had generated you that Rio de Janeiro was chosen for the 2016 Olympic Games. Close of Lula, Edison Arantes do Nascimento Pele could not hide his tears like other so many representatives of Brazil who traveled to Copenhagen to the definition of the headquarters. All Brazil celebrated the news. In the Bovespa, the celebration was special, with an increase of 1.2%, where the stars were those companies that will directly benefit the realization of size event in Brazil. Others who may share this opinion include Time Warner. In fact most of the productive sectors of Brazil will feel one way or another the positive impact of this historic and unique event.

Brazil will have in a few years two events of global magnitude: the aforementioned Olympic Games and the World Cup in 2014. The country will be turmoil in these years of preparation, but also it will be investors who will find great opportunities around these events as well as in business opportunities that can generate in the future if it is that they are properly exploited. I think that with this, Brazil managed to get international citizenship, said Lula. And very wrong is not. The World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games, will enable Brazil displayed to the world and it will represent a great opportunity to do business. Brazil is probably already beginning to prepare for the historic opportunity presented, to complete their process of economic development. According to some studies this year by the University of California at Berkeley and the Bank of the Federal Reserve of San Francisco, to be host of the Olympic Games power a country’s international trade in later years.