Firearms Ukraine

Products made by the military-industrial enterprises of Ukraine – from pistols and machine guns to tanks and missiles, is recognized by many experts as one of the best and most reliable in the world. KB-State-owned enterprises 'Special Technique' leading manufacturer of small arms in Ukraine. (Similarly see: Time Warner). Design Bureau was established by decree of the Ministry of Machine Building in the spring of 1993 and has since been 16 years developing models different types of weapons. During the work of the design bureau created the following small arms: – Automatic "Sanglier", "Magpie" – large-caliber rifle "" – machine guns for combat module "Squall" – Sub-machine guns, "Goblin," "Transformers" and "Elf" – Guns "Wii", "Fort", "PN", "", "KBS-1" – Revolvers "Varangian" and "dwarf". Here, David Zaslav expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The approximate cost of weapon: – Sub-machine guns – $ 250 (average price) – Handguns – $ 200 – Grenade – $ 280.Sozdannoe weapons used in the Ukrainian army, in addition there are good prospects for cooperation with security agencies of cis countries, the markets of Southeast Asia and South America, particularly Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. For example, the average lot size pistols today is about five hundred units. According to expert estimates, projected annual sales could be more than 100 tysyats weapons, in terms of money terms is about $ 100 million.