First Sketch

Exclusive bridal and evening wear from TaliBoelt design pungent out evening dress, every woman has their own individual notions of a perfect bridal gown, or one from the crowd. This is true not only for the dream dress, but also the matching jewelry and all accessories. Choosing the right wedding dress or evening dress is sometimes spontaneously called love at first sight or is the result of an often lengthy selection and also customization process. The trend in the middle and upscale fashion segment is doing increasingly more individuality and exclusivity combined with a personal service and affordable prices. For this reason, more and more discerning women opt for making a customized and individually designed bridal or evening dress.

Own wishes and ideas of the dress and the accessories of women can be realized here. The first step: The selection of the style and the line one of the first steps in the development process is the selection of a style appropriate for the customer Classic, simple, modern, opulent and the choice of the so-called line like E.g. A line, X line ode O-line. An intensive consultation and also consulting is one of the first landmark decisions. Also the first rough sketches are created to do this together with the customer.

This design sketches and visualizations help to better present and serve as a basis for decision making. With the help of so-called Calico fabric, then implemented the first finished design as cutting and optimally adjusted fittings. Depending on the dress, up to 6 fittings are performed during the creation process. Individual appearance: the fabric and the colors a great impact on the effect of the wedding or evening dress and on the overall appearance has the choice of substance in addition to the selection of the shade. The possibilities such as the finest silk, Brocade, Duchesse, taffeta, satin, graceful transparent organza or in an empire, a perfect individualization enable line, soft flowing chiffon, which to hugs the body.