New MK DiscPress GmbH – FlexibleDISC MK DiscPress at the FlexibleDISC of the first eco-friendly DVD. Using today’s materials and technical processes, the FlexibleDISC offers all the advantages of a standard DVD. And this same capacity, playability and excellent optical and electrical properties. The FlexibleDISC is not only thinner, lighter and more flexible than a standard DVD, it is also completely free of toxic bonder. FlexibleDISC less is often more, the difference becomes apparent when you take a look at the carbon footprint of the FlexibleDISC. Compared to the standard DVD, the FlexibleDISC to 50% is less polycarbonate, the oil-based basic raw material for the production of a disc. Saves 50% of energy in the production by the halving of the raw material consumption. Are all factors taken into account when producing a FlexibleDISC instead of a conventional DVD, reduce CO2 emissions by 52%.

But it is not only the carbon footprint (CO2 balance) which is low. The thinner FlexibleDISC reduces the volume of the transport from the factory to the consumer clear, resulting in reducing shipping costs and to conserve fuel. The storage capacities are higher for the FlexibleDISC and their low weight saves postage. The flexibility guarantees a higher durability when it is processed, packed or delivered to consumers. And finally, when the disc reaches to the end of their life cycle, she can be recycled by the absence of the toxic adhesive to 100%. FlexibleDISC a proven concept of the FlexibleDISC offers not only an economically viable and environmentally friendly alternative to a standard DVD, it already has a successful job history in the most important magazines and newspaper publishers, major consumer goods manufacturers, Governments, and editors of film, educational and promotional content. Switch the FlexibleDISC to FlexibleDISC of the environment for the sake is the logical choice for the fulfilment of your important climate goals. When your company is obliged: “to offer more sustainable products and processes. You want to minimize your carbon footprint/greenhouse gases to stop”If you are in favour of reducing oil dependence climate change if you want to benefit from the energy saving or you want to prepare only the CO2 tax then you should get to know the FlexibleDISC. For more information see: news MK DiscPress GmbH Wolfgang Kleinhappel Sieme 4 86695 Norden village 08273/99 59 39 0