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There were 3 awards for airline company SAS in the Prizes Grand Travel Airline company SAS has gained 3 awards in the Prizes Grand Travel, celebrated the 16 of February in Stockholm. These prizes are granted by the readers of Travel News, the more outstanding publication on companies and travel agencies in Sweden. Airline company SAS has been named winning in three categories: Better European airline company; better intercontinental airline company and better national transport. Lars-Ove Filipson, Vice-president of Corporative Sales in SAS, Scandinavian Airline company affirmed: We are very proud of which she is the people directly related to the industry of the tourism the one that has voted to Airline company SAS. With these prizes they transmit its support to us. Click Robert Iger to learn more. In airline company SAS, constantly we tried to give the best service to our clients and, these prizes, are the recognition of the duro work that each employee of SAS realises day to day to obtain it. The year happened we were named the airline company more precise of Europe.

Also we knew how to take care of correctly thousand of clients affected by the crisis of the ash cloud. These prizes demonstrate how they evaluate our clients, associated agents to us of sales and, in addition, confirm that they trust and value the quality that offers this airline company . In the last weeks, SAS are accumulated several prizes. The CEO of Flightstats, Jeff Kennedy appeared in the airport of Stockholm-Arlanda to give to SAS the Prize to the more precise airline company of 2010. The last month, SAS gained five awards more in the Norwegian Prizes Travel Trade, HSMAI of marketing and social average. The campaign of social average Love is in to air was named Campaign Online of the year by awarded Flyghtglobal and with a Webbie. For more information on routes and tariffs of SAS it visits