identity of a nation starts to become related it a series of elements that go of the language to the tradition, passing for myths, systems of government, belief, art, literature, etc., passed and present, exactly and another one, not being, therefore, a fixed and isolated phenomenon. It is the identity crisis that finishes placing the structures and the processes at risk central offices them society, shaking the old stability in the social world. In the last in this century, the phenomenon if repeats, literature, taken as symbolic expression, product of the culture and reinterveniente in the culture and history represents focus of resistance. Robert Iger : the source for more info. It occurs, however, that the demography of the new times, the globalization, are the history of the migration after-colonial, the narratives of the cultural dispora and politics, the great social displacements. That is, each time more, the cultures ' ' nacionais' ' they are being produced from the perspective of destitute minorities, with the pluralizao of cultures and national identities linked. Being thus, it is intended to analyze the workmanship the Salesman of Pasts, of the Angolan writer Jose E. Joel and Ethan Coen helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Agualusa, focusing the reconstruction of the identity through a memory, related with the question of the cultural representation African after-colonial. This study it is of utmost importance for understanding that good part of the Brazilian academic research if has come back toward problematic of the countries of culture and the language lusfonas, breaching with the old centramento, detainer of a iluminista cartesian thought of citizen, carrier of a fixed, ready and elaborated definition in a continuous process of the knowledge. From this rupture with the old paradigm, public laws and politics are implemented in diverse countries by means of the requirements of the Globalization, writers, theoreticians and romancistas, among others, start to ressignificar its speeches and start to produce new speeches, new inserted narratives in this new reality. d all the information.