History Of The Krugerrand

The South African currency, the Krugerrand, is no longer used to pay for the purchase. This corresponds to a high proportion of containing gold. Coins gold has the highest degree of purity anyway, usually it is 999 gold. This corresponds to a pure gold content of 99.9%. Who’s buying Krugerrands? Today, it is even quite simple craftsmen and workers who buy their savings Krugerrand, to achieve a certain hedging of their financial possibilities. Gold dealers recorded a strong increase in demand for gold coins such as the Krugerrand and the 100 euro gold coin. Through an increased need of people for gold coins, gold prices be raised enormously.

The offer is dwindling at the same time, many gold traders comply with hardly any with the delivery of gold coins and gold bars. The advantages of the gold coins compared to the gold bullion is obvious: You easier to transport and are cheaper in the purchase of gold as bullion. In addition you can Krugerrand and Well store co, for example, in a secure safe. The Krugerrand not only as 1 oz gold coin is also available, it comes also in smaller denominations to which the following text is entered into closer. What denominations and designs there at the Krugerrand? The first Krugerrand was produced with an ounce here. Until 1980, smaller denominations of half, or 1/10 ounce weight came. However, of these, the print runs are much smaller than at Krugerrand 1 oz (1 oz). There are Krugerrand, have a polished plate, called the PP quality.

Other Krugerrand coins have a distinct uncirculated. Also the Krugerrand with a backdrop of mirror shine are sought after. However, the subject remains matt. This version is called also frosting.