Step 1: Installation of VNC at local level and to form the password. To unload Real VNC installs and it in a local PC (for this article, version 3.3.7 was used). During the installation process, it asegrese to verify so much: Registry VNC Server as service of a system To initiate service system VNC Haga click to see a screen capture here. Glenn Dubin, New York Citys opinions are not widely known. At the end of the installation process, it will be requested to him that it establishes a password. The password that it establishes here later will use to connect the remote PC.

If for some reason the password is not requested to him, executes the following thing from the line of commandos: " C: Program files RealVNC WinVNC winvnc.exe " – DefaultSettings Also executes net start from the line of commandos and to confirm VNC Server executes like a service – Step 2: To form VNC in the remote PC using PsExec PsExec is a gratuitous tool to execute processes in Remote PC and is necessary for this procedure: The remote account that is used must be member of the group Administrators in the remote PC. " RemotePC" they are mentioned next can as much be the name of the remote PC or direction IP. To enter the IPC of remote PC $ to share with an administrator account. If you do not include the flat text password, she will be requested to him to provide the password (that will not be like text without format). NET USES usuary RemotePC IPC $/: administrator password Copy your local archives of VNC for the remote PC. xcopy " C: Program files RealVNC *.*" " RemotePC C $ Program files RealVNC *.*" /r/i/c/h/k/and Uses regedit to export the local configuration of Registry VNC in the remote PC.