Interactive Sales Tool

New shopping experience at the service counter 2.0 Balingen, July 06, 2010 – car future and win so the strategy of Bader from the East Frisian group is empty. This motto following the trading company in its consumer markets opts for Bizerba Retaillosungen. This means for the scales of the serving counters: 26,000 General item data and advertising content are ready available. The system provides not only comprehensive product information for operators, but also leads to the development of previously unused potential of advertising on the customer side. In the field of tension between margins and customer loyalty, the retail retail faces high challenges. The product range is wide and increasing the information needs of the end customer. In particular, the operating area is confronted in this time increasingly detailed questions.

With a new weighting system, Bizerba now offers a solution: the sales staff may enter individually to customer requirements. On push of a button, you can learn the ingredients, nutritional values, and allergens. Always on the newest Standing and already entered by 87 brand manufacturers. Current offers are presented with attractive images and texts, recipe information can be printed out as well as the credit voucher for special promotions. The software.RetailImpact by Bizerba offers a thought-out concept and emerged as the favorite of extensive tests. The experience from these tests as well as various pilot projects flowed in dieVorbereitungsphase with a. The specialists Bizerba led many intensive discussions with the decision makers and interested parties on the ground. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Then the long-range, strategic decision was taken by the Bader group of companies: the system will be gradually introduced in all new Combi markets in Northern Germany.

So, completely new purchase impulses at the customer are used with this system. The contents are centrally controlled and maintained by the sales. Filialgenau placed can be matched this with classic media and current promotions.