Internet Goods

Consider the concept of 'Shop' in the classic sense, that is, in the sense in which it is understood in most developed countries, 'Shop' (sometimes called 'e-Shop', 'online store', 'Internet shop', 'E-shop', etc.) – An interactive website in which: advertised goods and services received orders for goods and services are offered to the visitor a variety of payment options ordered goods and services for instant payment over the Internet ordered goods and services, the visitor has the opportunity to register using your login and password, and continue to use the data already introduced them at the entrance to the sections of the site, the visitor has the opportunity to issue an invoice to payment for goods and services, serving both a confirmation of the order; made prompt delivery of ordered goods and services, warranty and insurance ordered and paid for goods and services; ensures confidentiality of transactions, the transaction can commit both physical and legal persons. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Iger . The advantages and features of Internet shopping: It is important that the structure of the Internet shop has been optimized for advertising campaigns (unwinding site on the Internet), then there is no useless information, the font was a good read, there would be no extra spaces, the graph clearly, expressively and quickly downloadable, information should be presented in a concise and understandable manner, when you hover the mouse over any icon would appear key phrases describing the activities of Internet shopping, the site should not be animation and sound, time-consuming boot online store and dulls the attention of the buyer.