In the previous article I made mention of some features required by an entrepreneur. Possession of such characteristics is fundamental to develop a successful business. However, there are other features that every entrepreneur should seek, which I mention in this article. As I mentioned in the previous article, these characteristics could form attitudes by the entrepreneur. Before enlisting these features, let us remember what is an entrepreneur. In very simple terms, an entrepreneur is a person who initiates some kind of business or perhaps, finances only.

In both cases, is an entrepreneur, and works with a purpose: generate benefits or profits to have a better lifestyle that you have to present. Let’s look at some of these features: 1.-intelligence. Intelligence, understood as characteristic of an entrepreneur, departs from the traditional concept of this term. Academic preparation is not synonymous with intelligence. Nor the ability to memorize many concepts for an exam. With intelligence, I mean the mental ability to perceive what others may not perceive in different circumstances. It is the ability to make quick decisions before such circumstances.

It is also the ability to create, innovate and act. This is a key feature to win the respect of readers and clients. 2 Leadership. This is a hard to find in many entrepreneurs feature. More even though he is still discussing whether the leader born or made. However, to be a good entrepreneur, it is necessary to be a leader. In the context of this article we will understand by leadership the ability to persuade, through various actions to other people to: 1.-trust in you, 2.-follow him, 3.-buy what you offer. No matter if the leader born or made, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must be a leader, and to be so, the first thing you must do is: 1.-trust in yourself, 2.-accept yourself, 3.-make use of what you sell or conveys to its readers.