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\”Energy capital invest to lay with the decision for the oil – and gas-assisted ‘Eagle Ford Shale’ right it can be described as a stroke of luck: the decision of the energy company energy capital invest, with the participation of US oil and gas Fund VII KG\” to have invested in the exploration of two production units in the newly discovered Eagle Ford shale. Because ever since it became known that the area located in Texas, probably is one of the largest natural gas and oil areas on the North American continent and also the current exploration results prove this, leading energy companies such as BP, Chesapeake, Petrohawk and Murphy Oil pull yourself the last contiguous areas and with a correspondingly high price rise in the past few weeks! So, for example, BP for approximately US$ 200 million to purchased an area in the Eagle Ford shale located approx 50% stake in one. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jeffrey L. Bewkes. A purchase price that suggests what exploration results expected the energy group in the Eagle Ford shale. To a right already We could earn a total of around 25,000 contiguous acres, which corresponds to an area of 100 square kilometers, early stage and that, very attractive price from today’s perspective, a. Above all in the current hot no such projects to get more are spot of the Eagle Ford Shales to these conditions\”, says Kay Rieck as Managing Director of the energy capital invest. The exploration of two production units with an area of 1,408 acres, a small part of the total area acquired are the indirect object of the investment of U.S.

oil and gas Fund VII KG. Currently soaring mineral rights prices affect it as additional security for the Fund subscribers. This coup by the successful in the past network of energy capital invest in the United States, which has excellent connections both in the Haynesville shale, but also in the Eagle Ford shale was possible.