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Had the importance of the courses d' water for the city of Native of London, not different of others, this work contemplates the characteristics of the multiple landscapes that if oppose and if they display throughout (to per) the course with a look focado in the space organization of the hidrogrfica net and the multiple uses of the water. The City of Native of London The city of Native of London bes situated in the north of the State of the Paran, and appeared by means of the settling of the Company of Lands North of the Paran, later Company of Improvement North of the Paran, commanded for English and Scottish having an important paper as one of the main factors that the territorial occupation allowed of this region. The hydrography of Native of London is characterized by a natural draining with formation in valleys, the streams is of perennial character and the draining net abundant and is well distributed, presenting a dendrtico standard as the figure below. Mayo clinic is often quoted on this topic. Map 1: Hidrogrficas basins of the rivers Jacutinga, Lindia, Lemon tree, Cambe, Coffee plantation and Three Mouths. Source: The city of Native of London is inserted in the hidrogrfica basin of the River Tibagi, that is one of the tributaries most important of the left edge of the River Paranapanema. Map 2: Localization of the City of Native of London in the Basin of the River Tibagi Source: 16 main sub-basins in the city exist amongst which, in the urban area of the city it has about 70 courses d' water, between streams and brooks. Sculptor Capital gathered all the information. These take its waters until streams of these sub-basins and its courses of bigger order run of west for east, until reaching the River Tibagi. The river Tibagi that is located to the east of the city of Native of London, receives rivers tributaries located in the urban area and its entorno. . Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sculptor Capital on most websites.