Moon Palace Change

Drivers of cars with foreign plates, with tinted Windows or appear suspicious are detained and are subject to revision through a metal detector and are asked to identify any person without official accreditation or sealed document may exceed the strict control in the enclosures of the COP-16, and must be put aside before the speed and amplitude of convoys that travel virtually throughout Cancun and Bonfil and Leona Vicario delegations. The opening ceremony was made at the luxurious hotel Moon Palace, where the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, and some personalities gave their speeches. You hear much about participation and transparency in the process of this Summit, heard much of challenges and opportunities, especially the idea of sustainable development and economic growth can go hand in hand. Already some organizations present at the official Forum criticized these mercantilist attitudes and lack of real transparency, as other worlds Chiapas / friends of the Earth Mexico, who participated in a press conference together with friends of the Earth International, Jubilee South and the third world network, demanding that not is again repeating the Copenhagen process and urging the need for commitments strong in reducing emissions of industrialized countries to combat the consequences of climate already real and urgent way is is living in many parts of the world. It should be noted as the source of cited information, points out that from Chiapas, convened by other worlds, will arrive Saturday day 4 more than 250 people who want to hear their voices, learn and share about what is climate change, its causes and its consequences, and express that it can not be business of tragedy harder which mankind may face in these moments. For this reason, with the legacy slogan of the organisations present in Copenhagen, will be heard in Cancun, the change the system, not the climate. Also says that during the interventions of some representatives of industrialized countries, like the United States and the European Union, were put on the table the lack of strong commitment to have real solutions to combat climate change. .