New Features

Higher throughput, more accurate detection of metal, hardened wheels Balingen, June 25, 2010 – Bizerba has the CWE series checkweighers with new possibilities equipped. You can now be integrated as a double track variant in two-Web packaging lines and weigh up to 800 packs per minute, and classify. Also the performance of the optional metal detectors, increased by 10 per cent which in the future even the smallest metal particles can be safely detect. The checkweigher now offered with two hardened wheels for use in dusty and damp environments. As they have no abrasion, remain the bands white and need to be changed less often. The new double track solution in euroman packaging lines with high production throughput is 1500 in the future integrated double track variant as the CWE.

The customer can decide himself how he deals with the potential additional power: he can either halve the transport speed of both bands and thus significantly stabilize the production flow and make it less error-prone, or but with two tracks on maximum speed can reach a new throughput record of up to 800 packs per minute”, explains Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions at Bizerba. The Bizerba droplet is advice and performing to the page for customer-specific questions relating to system integration. Over a 12.1-inch color touch screen, on which the operator can read all relevant information related to the production process has the CWE double track. The appearance ranges from the digital speedometer on a histogram of the last n packs to the Gaussian distribution, that allows a thorough control of the give-aways. Optimized metal detection Bizerba has completely revamped the metal detectors series MD. The accuracy was increased by 10 percent. In the future even the smallest metal particles in the food can be tracked down. Smallest scandals and complaints regarding the quality of food can have disastrous consequences for a company and often more years serious affect on sales and market share.