Optimized Control

Bizerba at the Internorga 2010 in Hamburg optimized control of the flow of goods – Bizerba at the Internorga in Hamburg 2010 – merchandise management system WinCWS allows bakeries, meat and organic food shops the target-oriented management. Balingen, 1 March 2010 – the Internorga 2010 in Hamburg is the leading trade fair for the non-domestic market and with around 1,000 international exhibitors the largest trade fair of its kind. The technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen presents a modern merchandise management system for meat and food companies and bakeries from March 12 to 17. The system solution is from the merchandise management system WinCWS, a goods entrance level, the printer GLP and K-class retail scales (Hall B6, booth 433). Almost all companies know it: day trading at ever faster pace combined with a constantly increasing competitive pressure. Educate yourself with thoughts from Discovery Communications. The latest information technology by Bizerba remedy and controls the flow of goods from the goods receipt, the sale to the shipping. WinCWS taking over the communication both in the Goods as goods also; as between Headquarters and branch offices.

At goods receipt WinCWS is already receiving the accurate evaluation of deliveries. The software allows the connection of goods input scales, as well as other peripherals such as label printer and scanner. This concatenation of weighing and PC technology can be, for example, control delivery notes and print origin lists directly on the scale. In the sale WinCWS takes over the control of retail scales, cash registers and award systems from a central PC. This peripheral is connected either directly or via remote data transmission, wireless, or Ethernet. \”\” \”The module evaluation\” about can summarize all sales data to meaningful sales figures: the software offers accurate rate data for each item, seller and for each goods movement, which itself as well as Renner and bum statistics\”work out\”, says Klaus-Dieter operator reports mean, Sales Manager retail organisation of the market in Germany.