Ottoman Port

The pedestrian zone, in center of the city, is filled with coffees and restaurants. The streets Kiraly and Ferencesek are perfect to prove Hungarian restaurants, where they must try on cslks sztrapacska, delicious potato vermicelli with cheese. Istambul recovers the old thing and constructs the vanguard Characterized by deep political, religious, artistic and cultural history, the city bridge between Europe and Asia a new vision of the European culture offers in 2010 in which will have its space the Islamic culture, mixed with Christian churches, historical museums, and new projects related to urbanism and the architecture. The renovation effort that has supposed its appointment like European Capital of the Culture, has arrived at some from its great symbols, like Santa Sofia, now turned into museum, or the Mosque of Solimn, the two greater mosques of Istambul that finish being recovered, like a part of the Topkapi Palace. The visit to Istambul allows to discover religious classic works, like the Blue Mosque or the Basilica of Santa Sofia, like also great and new constructions, the zones recovered in the industrial districts, a new Ottoman Port, and numerous projects that look for the improvement of the well-being of the city, headed by architects of great reputation, such as Zaha Hadid, Massimiliano Fuksas and MVRDV. The most important projects are the Kartal Pendik, yielded to Zaha Hadid, that has produced a drastic change within an industrial zone, to 20 kilometers of the Horn of Gold, and the transformation of the Straits of Kckcekmece, that has realised Llewelyn Davies Yeang. Carlos Hernandez is vagamundos enthusiastic, always arranged to make the knapsack and to send themselves to the adventure. Return in house, it enjoys like a boy relating to us experiences and mysterious histories people and places..