Jorg Thielmann Mann

KG and offered by the Rhineland-Palatinate company together with silo and control system ready on the market. We have had the experience, that consumer a pickup no load, but rather is a small event, if they partially ancestor with trailer or tractor. In this system the refuelling is possible in theory around the clock and also suited the silo as a pillar for advertising purposes”, stresses Markus Mann who is fully convinced of the unique concept. MAN plans for its composite companies Westerwald wood pellets in the years to come first within a radius of 150 kilometers to prepare more fully automatic service stations on motorways. Markus Mann, managing partner and out of conviction”in terms of renewable energy, is one of the pioneers of German Pellen ether plate and has won several environmental awards for its activity and the quality of its products.

The Group deposed 2009 more than 120,000 tons of pellets. MAN has since 1991 has been working in the area of renewable energy in the market. Among other things, the company of a biomass operates heat and power plant, wind turbines and a block heat and power plant. In the field of project development and technical solutions for the energy market man’s engineers have become over the past years. The companies include also man energy Suisse and Westerwald wood pellets. man is one of the pioneers in the renewable energy sector and has with its subsidiary, the Westerwald wood pellets GmbH, in 2001 the first large-scale production of pellets in Germany put into operation. Currently almost 90 employees in the group. In the past ten years, EUR 14.4 million in the area of renewables were on the site Langenbach Energy invested. The Group turnover amounted in 2009 around 32 million (thereof 27 million in the area of renewable energies). The companies KG include also the Westerwald wood pellets GmbH, man energy Suisse S.a.r.l., man Ltd. as well as bioenergy ohringen GBR. MANN natural energy GmbH & co.

Chinese Internet

With the proper visa to China Chinese driving license, is the bevolkerungsreichte country in the world, but spread very unevenly in the Middle Kingdom the inhabitants”. While a million city to the others joining in the eastern coastal regions, the West is only very sparsely populated. Here, there are deserts, mountains and steppe. The regions provide everything you would expect an excellent region for outdoor holidays. World travellers, who are travelling with their own vehicle, think about the attractive landscape on its own four wheels to inquire. Unfortunately, the legal situation of the people’s Republic is self propelled with enormous challenges.

It begins with that neither the international driving licence is recognised even the national of Switzerland, Germany, Austria. Who so wants to drive, must acquire a Chinese driver’s license. The requirements are not high: you must correctly fill out only a multiple choice questionnaire. Agencies, specifically geared for expats who help to prepare the theoretical driving test. It is important to know, however, that only people for a Chinese driver’s license qualify, arrived with a visa, which is more than valid for three months. Thus, it is excluded that travelling on a tourist visa can acquire the coveted card. So who plans to drive a car, in China itself should seek already in advance the right visa.

Transliterations are possible, but often tedious in the settlement in the country circumstances. Special provider can advise you. It is possible to introduce your own vehicle. But this is associated with high costs. It is easy to rent a car locally. Local vendors have supermini of Chinese design on sale approximately 10 euros per day. Who is on the road like safer, can rent vehicles of famous brands of course also with the international agencies. Ultimately, only the question of where the journey should go arises. Certain work on the basis of the Chinese Internet censorship Online map services such as Google maps is limited. Chinese car are marked usually with GPS systems, but these have an English or even German-speaking user interface in the rarest of cases. We assist with route planning by the world travel Forum. Not only for trips of self-propelled, but also the planning of Backpacker Tours. It is a community portal of travel-interested.


Some general characteristics: They are devices of the self. They are unconscious They consist of throwing out of consciousness some aspect of reality, whether physical or psychological. Its goal is avoid the anguish or psychic pain that such conflicts would provoke in the consciousness. Defense mechanisms are used by all persons, not only by those suffering from psychic disorders adds us also, that behavior models that make up the psyche in humans, are a compound of forces. These forces are genetic characteristics, instinctive features that reside in the unconscious and the factors of development, which include: training, environmental circumstances of the individual, and experience and training. The greater part people maintain an equal balance between these forces.

Sometimes the balance is very tenuous and conforms with the defense mechanisms. Coping strategies refers to activities and behaviors that the individual is aware and defense mechanisms refers to unconscious mental processes… Coping strategies can be both Adaptive as inadaptativas. The former include avoidance of situations that cause discomfort, solve problems and accept the situation. The latter are, among others, excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, histrionic or aggressive behaviors and autoliticos gestures. Referred to as adaptive strategies can become inadaptativas if used for a long time.

For example, avoidance is an adequate early response to the stressful situation, but if kept too long prevents the processes of resolution and acceptance problems. Defense mechanisms, as he has been said are behaviors unconscious, are various forms of defence psychological with which the subject manages to defeat, avoid, circling, escape, ignore or feel anguish, frustration and threats through the withdrawal of cognitive stimuli that would produce them. Among major defense mechanisms are brought: condensation scroll dissociation training reactive denial projection rationalization suppression compensation projective identification Introjection catharsis symbolization suppression regression Finally, in this analysis of its scope and impact, is important to consider as indicated by when indicated, let us remember, that defense mechanisms, are precisely the defenses developed by the ego (ego) to handle the anxiety or prevent their emergence.

Flavors Of The Protein Smoothies

Proteins are one of the essential requirements of the body.In reality, are called the blocks for the construction of our body and therefore proteins included in the diet is very essential.Foods rich in protein such as fish, meat, poultry and dairy products should be part of the daily diet.The protein shakes are excellent to taking a daily dose of protein.These can be made in our House because there are very simple and homemade protein smoothies recipes.These are some of the flavors that you can add to your homemade protein shakes: Banana Smoothie: the banana is the most widely used in any Smoothie with milk ingredient.The addition of the banana to whey protein not only adds flavor, if not that also adds lots of energy.So the banana smoothie is excellent before going to work, is an excellent source of energy. Coffee: coffee can be added, not only for the taste, but also for their ability to wake up in the tomorrow. You can use it in protein shakes. Chocolate Smoothie: chocolate, in any form is a favorite of almost everyone.Therefore, most protein supplements have chocolate flavor.You can add chocolate extra, so it can take the form of pieces of dark chocolate, chocolate syrup or chocolate ice cream. Smoothie: fruit should ideally be a part of the daily diet.However, it is not always possible to eat fruit.Therefore a better way is to put a bit of fresh fruit in the protein smoothie.Carbohydrates found in fruits, is the fuel of the body, especially when you work hard.Besides fresh fruits, can also use frozen fruits, a concentrate of fruits or a normal fruit juice. In addition to the flavors of milkshakes natural proteins mentioned above, oats and walnuts, you also can add to smoothies, not only to give them flavor, but also to get the carbohydrates and proteins. Original author and source of the article

Web Conference

One of the allegations of the former deputy of the Rada of V convocation of the spu Vasyl Volga that he loves power, he made May 24, 2007 Web Conference "Explorer" is not the only one. Vasili Volga never hid that loves power, and power always beckons him, authorities – this is actually the main purpose of his life. In this paper we do not understand what is good or bad. Considering the identity of Basil Volga, we are much more interesting find out why Vasili Volga desire for power often comes to a manic, can be regarded as sufficiently Vasili Volga, a serious political figure, whether Vasili Volga gain power and as in this case may turn to the people of the board of the Left leader as Vasily Volga? For many people, these questions may seem quite strange, uninteresting and totally not relevant, especially given the political situation, which is now emerging in Ukraine. But if a person is inclined to make predicting future events, trying to do to analyze and understand the mistakes of the past, it is unlikely to look at the current political situation in Ukraine through your fingers, not trying to find it hidden subtext. Many of those in more detail in the study of history, is well aware of the fact that all the known tyrants and the so-called "Lords of the World" appeared in the political arena at a time when the country's political crisis flared up. And almost all of them appeared virtually from nowhere. Who was none, he became one of everything.

Air Festival Lanterns In Thailand

Air lanterns are also known to many as the sky lanterns, flying lanterns and flashlights desires are quite common in Asian countries. Flying lanterns operate on the principle of the balloon. Traditionally, they made of rice paper and bamboo base, as the burner is impregnated with wax bumaga.Teplo coming from the fuel cell is attached at the base of the flashlight filled balloon with hot air and Torch takes off smoothly into the sky. Living in Northern Thailand ancient times run air lanterns during religious celebrations and other special occasions. Only in the north, you see that tradition in full volume, in all its scope, but at the same time and participate in it. This tradition is called Yi Peng, she came from Burma, which borders the northern provinces of Thailand, and has not received distribution in central and southern provinces of the kingdom. Unique and fabulous spectacle can be seen in the sky during the festival Loykrakhtong, when the sky rush thousands of air lanterns. During the launch of a flying torch passed guessing desire to be closer to the sky and be sure to come true.

According to many taylandtsy, especially Buddhists, sky lanterns symbolize the problems and troubles. Running the Chinese flying lanterns into the sky you broke with their problems and troubles. Present fairy lanterns in temples and the monks is a tradition, since donors will receive education in the answer, because the fire inside the ball symbolizes wisdom. The lights of the ball show them the true path. You will have good luck if extinguished torch of heaven will land on your site.

The tradition of flying lanterns run and came to Russia. Sky lanterns in the shape of a heart run love during the wedding. On the day of birth, many prefer to run sky lanterns instead of fireworks. Along with flashlights for each aircraft the opportunity to light in the sky, their own star!

China to Boost Trade With the UK

The former chairman of HSBC told his partner Gao Hucheng as well as 400 other business leaders that China’s economic growth represents “an extraordinary historic event.” He explained that business with China is crucial to the UK. “China is now the world’s largest goods exporter and the UK’s largest goods export market outside the US and the European Union,” he said. “But in 2009 only 2% of UK total exports went to China and China received less than 1% of its total imports from the UK. We are keen to realize the immense potential for deepening and broadening areas of commercial cooperation.”

Mr. Gao said that China would be thrilled to boost trade with the UK. He explained that they were prepared to accommodate British companies in China, and stated their commitment to the World Trade Organization’s “conduct for business.”

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