These software solutions enable us to in addition to organizing the photos, can be documented. In other words, describe What comes in each photo, people who are, landscape, where he became, etc. This will allow us to make future searches on any particular aspect of a picture and locate it. What is relatively simple, if we took him to the day, everytime you download the photos on your computer, we document them, it can be practical and a distributed workload. What happens is this, not usually happens and we find that the best methodology to set ourselves to documenting the photos from the beginning, we incumplimos it almost from the first day and the day that you want to update already have a previous workload important already that the photos have become suddenly thousands, so the photos are undocumented. But we have good faith and suppose that the documentation of our photos is more or less a day to then perform searches on them. Which system used most of the programs that exist to organize and document photos? What does is usually associate documentation with the name of a file (the Photo) and subsequently in another file, writes this documentation in a proprietary database, i.e.

closed to be able to use only with that program and stores it. In that file write the location of the photo and all the data that we want or we can add to make it documented. But now another problem arises we. All documentation is stored in a single file. This means that thousands of photo documentation is collected in a single file. What happens if that single file is lost, corrupted, deleted by mistake, format the hard drive? Because quite simply, that we lose all the documentation of the photos and all the hours that we have devoted to such work. In addition to ir linked to various files that are the photos, change of location from outside the program itself, for example change the folder photos, documentation also lost without possibility of recovering it.