Letter to an acquaintance. If you would like to know more then you should visit Robert A. Iger . Dear Sr – Sans Delai: is one who should solve their problems. Today, not tomorrow. You say that do me well, and it must be true. I tell you: I wrote a letter to the director of the local newspaper here, that have not published, and concerned that the regional Government had given a guarantee of EUR 130 million to the airport.

That opposed the PP. explained in the letter which was an endorsement in my personal opinion, and just requesting that I should give to my other, to buy shares of Alcoa that were at a price of 12 dollars and in a couple of years would be thirty dollars. They published the letter nor gave me the endorsement. As my resources are limited bought 3,000 shares of Alcoa to a share price of 10.80 dollars. Yesterday closed on the New York Stock Exchange to 17.03 dollars of Alcoa stock.

Seven months have passed more or less since the purchase. By that I knew that were going to raise the shares of Alcoa. He had privileged information. When I was in the construction company, a leader bought Electro copper for two years. She bought it When the price was higher, then fell. They are things of the leaders. I spent many years trying to find out how you could know the future price of copper. I don’t got it, experts said a posteriori, that if Allende, that if it had discovered a mine in the Congo, etc. Explanations. What I learned is that aluminum is a substitute for copper, so if it rises in price, later aluminium continues that trend. The copper was rising when he made these forecasts on Alcoa, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum. Alcoa had just close two factories in the United States because they were not efficient, and I said, Alcoa is well directed. Q1 2010 closed with losses but smaller than the previous year. Already in 2010 they were softening losses and going to have benefit. Thus, in the first quarter of 2011 have given a profit of 200 million of dollars as opposed to the more than 400 million loss for the year of 2010. As the benefits had been lower than forecast, for a few days lowered the quote, and it is already rebounding. In the end, we’ll see what happens. I have told you this so that you can see by what do me well. I apply the knowledge. Not tell you what of actions in a hurry not to bore you, nor other similar things. I enclose two letters to the director that me nor published, if you want to read them. Health and Republic, but this last bourgeois. I say goodbye to you in that way, because is that you will like. I like more, simply say: Goodbye.