Provincial Interests

These concepts not yet well were defined at the time, being difficult to separate some provincial interests of imperial interests, being thus, the nation many times were confused with the liberal ideology, as well as with the maintenance of local rulers, being necessary the end of the conflict so that if it could to come back to the active progress that believed to exist before the conflict, they credited to the end of the conflict the return of ' ' individual happiness and social' '. The appearance of an enemy in common expurgou separatistas feelings, approached the provinces that before seemed distant, as well as integrated the national feelings. During the conflict it would not have distinction of classrooms? at least in the speech? , poor persons, slaves, criminals, noblemen, and powerful local heads, all had raised its pride for the nation and had shown how much they were patriotic: Nor the subsequent independence nor events had had success in developing a deep feeling of national identity (sketched only in the manifest xenophobia, over all, in relation the Portuguese and English), Jose Murilo de Carvalho detached the War of Paraguay as the factor most important in the construction of the Brazilian identity in century XIX, also surpassing, later, the announcement of the Republic. More info: David Zaslav. In the same way, Ricardo Salles emphasized the strong civic impression marked by the War in life of all those popular segments (free e, until then, slaves) that, the spite of its kept out of society social status, had participated of the fights in defense of the threatened native land. The war agitated the country, consisting as element integrator and, despertando a patriotic feeling never seen before in national scale. This patriotism, however, keeps some especificidades, the addition of the masses that are essential for the combat to the enemy, also generates its inherent conflicts to the process economic politician and of the province, and nothing the used artifice for the integration of the masses would in such a way affect the province of the Rio Grande of the North how much (the conscription, voluntary how much in such a way coercitive).